Penis Face Mask
Penis face!!! Cute kidneys, bladders, prostate, testicles and penises grace this urology-tastic penis face mask. Our penis face mask is the ultimate facial statement truly and only for the bold -- I mean, who wants to wear a penis on their face? But then again, we do want people to stay 6 feet away from us, right? This is the way!

Covid Face Mask

Everything's coming up Covid! Cute covid face masks galore at our print-on-demand shop. We've got more mask designs up in shop and did we mention the face masks are on sale through July 6th!?

Brain Face Mask

Here's a cute brain pattern face mask, thanks to everyone for patiently waiting for these designs to come out. They also have premium and child-size masks!

Penis Face Mask

Here's the same design but in a red/blue colorway. Great gift for the pediatric urologist going out for groceries (they are sadly not medical grade, but some pros have told me they wear it over their N95 to put a smile on patients' faces.

I Heart Guts Tooth Sale
Did you know that we have some "achy" tooth plushies for sale? These plushies have minor defects, but the doesn't mean they don't deserve lot of love! So shop now and take a look at the rest of our sale section while you're at it!
Knee - Take The Knee - Knee Joint PlushKnee getting ready to, well, take the knee!
samantha irby author face maskOMG Squee! Best-selling author Samantha Irby wearing our colon face mask Irby’s most recent book, “Wow, No Thank You” is currently #1 on the National Indie Bestseller list! If you need belly laughs, Irby delivers essays "with lavish and hilarious scorn," says the New York Times Review of Books. I have been peeing my pants laughing reading her first book, "We are Never Meeting In Real Life" and can't wait to dig into "Meaty" and "New Year, Same Trash." Do yourself a favor and grab one of her books ASAP, especially if you struggle, as Irby does, with epic intestinal battles. You may die laughing, though, so sorry if that happens.