Need plush organs for your store? Grab I Heart Guts plush organs wholesale through our distribution team at Disburst, or order wholesale online at Faire.com. $200 minimum order. Be ready to set up a professional account with your store name, address and location. Not accepting Amazon or other 3rd party resellers. Sorry!

Order Plush Organs Wholesale Online!

You can also order online via wholesale partners at Faire! Checkout these sweet offers:

plush organ poster free cute human body poster

Grab this free plush organs poster to display in your store!

cute medical pins buttons badge reel hospital ID organ cartoon characters

We also have a cute point-of-sale poster for lapel pins and keychain POS poster, too, click on the image to download a hi-res version, print and poster your store walls with cute guts graphics! These posters will bring on the LOLs and maybe even teach your customers some anatomy!

keychains medical organ body anatomy disease illness funny cute organ characters nurse doctor med student

Contact our wonderful distributor direct:

ph: 818-764-TOYS
fax: 844-269-6583


Minimum Order: $300, reorder no minimum
Terms: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, check. Wire available for orders over $1000
Retail Limitations: Wholesale orders for physical locations or independent websites only. No 3rd party resellers (no eBay, Amazon, etc.)
MAP: Buyer agrees to current Minimum Advertised Pricing 
Liability: I Heart Guts assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage caused by delay or inability to deliver as agreed.
Shipping: Disburst ships from Los Angeles, CA.
Returned Checks: Returned checks are subject to a $25 bank fee.
Claims: Claims of defects or shortages must be made within five days of receipt of goods.