Testicle Giant ViagraHard to believe it, but Viagra turns 19 today! The erectile drug gained FDA approval in 1998, and flaccid penises everywhere have never been the same. Originally developed as a heart drug, its famous penis-stiffening side-effect was seen for the money-maker it turned out to be. Oddly, the drug has the opposite effect on the heart -- the drug makes calcified heart chambers more elastic. Our Testicle offers his giant Viagra a giant birthday hug!
I Heart Guts Behind the Scenes PhotoshootEver want to know what it's like day-to-day at I Heart Guts HQ? "First I make strong coffee and try to tackle something creative while my adrenaline is flowing," Guts founder Wendy Bryan Lazar tells Threadless in a recent Artist Shop spotlight. "Then I check my email and see if my customers need any attention, because without them, I have no job. And I love my job." But it's not all boring, Lazar says: "But creativity comes first! Those vaginas aren’t going to draw themselves." Read the full interview here. And check out our gutsy goods on Threadless here.


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