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Penis Face Mask
Why wear a penis face mask, you might ask? One simple reason: people will stay away from you! Specifically, six feet away from you! Have you ever seen such a cute collection of penises, testicles, bladder, prostates and kidneys? No, you have not! Look at these cute doctors wearing our masks:

 Penis Face Mask

Seriously, I think urologists have the best sense of humor of all doctors. Don't take it from us: 1 out of 1,000 urologists (and maybe 1 out of 5 fun-loving urologists, closer to 1 out of 1 weirdo urological surgeons) agree that wearing a penis face mask is the most fun kind of PPE there is.


So slap a penis on your face and watch people's eyes widen as they realize what they are looking at. And if you need to lighten the mood at a vasectomy consult, prostate cancer tough talk or other urgent urological issue that could use a soft touch, don our prostate, testicle and penis face mask and watch the LOLs roll in.

No, not like this

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a brain--a three-pound, pink blob of fat and water, sitting within your skull and automatically turning these squiggly lines on your screen into actual words you can understand. Historically, it’s been difficult to understand what different parts of the brain do, since the only way to look at a test subject’s brain is if the brain is already inactive, or if they have an extremely lucky head injury.

Brain Plush Toy

Besides, even if we had clear skin and bones, so that we could see all of our organs at all times, we still would only be able to see the surface of the brain, and not all the activity going on inside. Enter: MRI Machines. While X-Rays are perfect for looking at our bones, MRI Machines, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines, can look past our skin directly at the more juicy (I assume) parts of our body. How does it work, you ask? The same way all magic works: with extremely powerful magnets. 

Even today, scientists can't explain magnets.

Our bodies are about 10% hydrogen, but most of it is concentrated in places with a lot of water and fat (remember at the beginning of this post, when I said the brain was a blob of fat and water? That’ll be important soon). Hydrogen atoms are just one proton and one electron, so when you magnetize them, they all align in the same direction.


An MRI just takes this fact to the extreme, with an electromagnetic tube that you’re placed inside to calibrate your molecules, so to speak. The next step is to shoot radio waves through your body, which disrupts the magnets and returns a map of one of your organs or glands. And violà! You can see all the different neuron activity within your brain, while it’s still in your head.

 Brain Plush Toy

Unfortunately, it isn't easy to see a brain on a day-to-day basis. MRI Machines are quite difficult--and costly--to install in your home, and the only alternative is... legally dubious at best. Here's a cheaper and more accessible alternative: get your very own brain plushie! It may not have the exact realism of an actual real human brain, but it compensates with adorable softness. It's the perfect trade!

i heart guts plush organs
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