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I Heart Guts® award-winning plush organs bring a smile to your face and smarts to your brain!

Get your feet wet in anatomy or bone up on your physiology with the Original Plush Organs, as seen in People, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, Washington Post and Buzzfeed. Our organs will steal your heart, tickle your funny bone and maybe even make you pee in your pants.

These goofy guts spark smiles during tough times, helping people laugh in the face of illness since 2005. You’ll find our gutsy pillows in top science and health museums, award-winning hospital gift shops and trend-setting toy stores. Not to brag, but our plush organs were named Best of Toy Fair 2014 by Popular Science magazine and Best Educational Plush Toy of 2020 by Creative Child magazine.

Guts doing Good
Non-Profit Support

We wish we could heal people, but we just make fake organs! That's why give to Partners in Health, Doctors Without Borders, MedShare, Planned Parenthood, Morehouse School of Medicine and Black Nurses Rock so those brainiacs can do their good work. We also donate gutsy merch to non-profits and hospitals to help raise money, awareness and lift spirits.

These body buddies are the brainchild of Wendy Bryan Lazar, an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all they do. Our bare-bones family operation strives to offer plush organs with love, style and geeky puns. We operate out of the Los Angeles metro area and live to serve our customers the best in weird, educational and ridiculous happy human organs.

Your body is amazing and so are you! Get to know your guts, from the Adrenal glands to the Zonules of Zinn (in your eyeballs), in Meet the Guts. Or, if you need some huggable retail therapy, we got plenty of plush guts we want to send home with you.

Our Amazing Customers


My granddaughter had her tonsils and adenoid removed. She absolutely loved her ‘tonsil’ plush and it gave her much comfort!

Gerald P.

Who doesn't love a smiling ovary? Got this for my friend and she LOVES it. They are seriously so soft.

Brittany R.

My mother has kidney disease and we have pretty dark humour. I told her I boughther a kidney for Christmas. She absolutely loves it.

Gillian G.

Bought this plush uterus as an icebreaker to have the period talk with a little girl. It is very cute, soft and fuzzy. She loves it.


I love your guts! I have given the stomach to my GI doc, the pancreas to my primary doc, the kidney will be going to my nephrologist, and I have the brain. The docs really love these! And so do I.

Stephanie G.

Your intestine plushies are GREAT because they work as a fantastic post-op cough pillow. I know, this is how I used it!! Honestly, the plushie I had post-op I took everywhere.

Jackie Z.

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