Shipping Help

U.S. shipping takes 3-7 days via Priority Mail, 5-15 economy USPS. International takes 15-60 days. If you need guts ASAP, find a store near you or shop plush organs on Amazon. We ship from lovely North Hollywood, California. More shipping details here.

Put your guts in the shopping cart, visit the cart page and enter your delivery address and click on "calculate shipping." Some states charge taxes, so brace yourself.

We emailed it to you! If you did not get it, it's in your junk or spam folder (for Gmail users, check the Promotions folder), so please look there. If you can't find it, please contact us. Give tracking 24-48 hours to update. If your items says it's in "pre-shipment" for more than 3 days, please contact us.

Follow your guts with the tracking number we sent in your shipping confirmation email. If your package is taking longer than 15 days domestic and 90 days international, call 800-ASK-USPS with your tracking number and they can help you. FedEx help can be found at 800-GO-FEDEX. File a claim with USPS to get your parcel found and moving again.

Oh no! Sorry to hear this. If you got a package delivered email, yet the guts are not there, try the following:

1. Check ALL locations: side door, back door, dog house, parcel locker, mailroom, or um, your mailbox! Please look for it EVERYWHERE with your eyeballs!

2. USPS accidentally delivered to a neighbor. The neighbor needs to bring it you! Ask your neighbors.

3. USPS scanned the package as delivered WITHOUT actually delivering it (annoying, but it happens)-- but will bring it tomorrow! Ask your USPS carrier.

4. USPS could not deliver and left you a peach slip to pick it up at the post. Go to the post office!

5. Your housemate brought the package in or the delivery slip in and forgot to tell you -- ask your people!

6. It may be stolen! Ask your carrier. If they don't know, file a claim with USPS!

Order Help

To change your address or cancel an order that has not shipped, contact us.

To add items to your order, please place a second order then contact us about combining shipments. Sometimes our shipping department is too darn fast, so please understand we can't add anything if your order has already shipped.

Contact us with your order number for return instructions. We will refund once the guts come back to us! Return policy here. If you have a problem with a T-shirt order, email Threadless at

Nope! Each order has a packing list with no prices. We don't do gift wrap but you can include your own heartfelt message on the packing list.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there's an organ plushie you don't see in our store, let us know what it is, we are all ears. Write us a nice letter and don't forget to say "pretty please."

Sorry we are out of your fav organ! Click on the "Notify me when back in stock" button on the item page and you'll be the first to know!

International Help

International shipping is 30-60 business days (yes, FOREVER). VAT fees are paid at purchase, but we are not responsible if your country wants more $ upon delivery!

Put your guts in the shopping cart, visit the cart page and enter your delivery address and click on "calculate shipping." 

VAT is now included. If your item is sent back to us for non-payment of VAT, we will refund your item minus shipping cost. Please learn your country's VAT before you buy guts!

Yes! And you will not like it! If your item is returned to us because you did not pay VAT, we will refund your item but not shipping. Pay your VAT!

Bulk, Non-Profit and Fundraiser Help

We offer discounts and bulk rates for non-profits, educational or fundraising efforts. Peep our bulk coupon codes here.

Nope! No customization at this time, sorry, folks!

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