Meet the Whole Gang

Choose a gut below to learn about its goodness!

Uterus – Womb Service! Lungs – Join the Air Force! Heart – Feel the Beat! Stomach – I Ache For You! Liver – Have a Drink on Me!
Bladder – Urine for a Treat! Spleen – Smells Like Spleen Spirit Pancreas – Insulin for the Win! Brain – Hey Smartypants! Gallbladder – You’ve Got Gall
Kidney – Urine Good Hands Gastric Glands – Break it Down! Ovary Glands – Ova Achiever Intestine – You’ve Got Guts! Mammary – Gland of Milk & Honey
Skene’s Gland – Gland of the Ladies Skin – In The Flesh! Esophagus – Down the Hatch! Thymus Gland – All Glands on Deck! Parathyroid Gland – Gland Slam!
Vertebrae - Got Your Back Spine - Baby Got Backbone Pelvis - You're So Hip Knee Joint - Kneed For Speed Tooth - Flossin' Ain't Just For Gangstas
Colon - You Move Me Tonsil - You're Swell Rectum - Bringing up the Rear Vulva + Vagina - Hooray for the Va-Jay-Jay! Placenta - Baby's First Roommate
Hypothalamus – This Gland’s in Demand Inner Ear - Now Hear This Massive Appendix - Feel It In Your Gut Thyroid Gland – Feelin’ Hormonal Pituitary Gland – Glandmaster Flash!
Lymph Node - Rock Your Antibody Eyeball - Party Pupil in the House! Sebaceous Gland – Squeeze Me! Pineal Gland - Sleep On It! Prostate Gland - A Seminal Work!
Salivary Glands – Spittin’ Image Sweat Gland – Keep Cool! Testicles – Having a Ball! Trachea + Larynx – Heavy Breathers Tear Duct – Don’t Cry For Me!
Adrenal Glands – What a Rush! Cervix - Pap Star Sinuses - Don't Call Us Stuffy Penis - Stand and Deliver Elbow - Bend The Rules
Shoulder - Carry The World On Me Muscle - I'm Flexy and I Know It