Uterus Backpack!

uterus backpackReady to take baby-wearing to the next level? Strap on our new uterus backpack! So cute, so handy for all your uterine storage needs. Fits your phone, your keys, sunglasses, snacks, a paperback and whatever else you need to carry around.

We love this new and super useful uterus! This plushie uterus backpack comes with a handy attached hangtag that describes a bit about the uterus' role in the birds and the bees among other womb-derful tasks the uterus performs.

Put more junk in your trunk and bring your uterus everywhere you go! We managed to stash our phone, car keys, a banana, a tennis ball, a deck of cards, a La Croix seltzer, loose change, a small notebook and some sunglasses -- what will your put inside your uterus?

uterus backpack

Wear it on the your front, wear it on your back, wear it where-ever. This kawaii uterus is the perfect storage system for new moms and newly menstruating humans who wanna scream -- I'm bleeding and I truly don't care what you think! Go back to school in style wearing this cute uterus backpack.

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