White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Want

1. Penis Neck Pillow with Foreskin Storage Pocket
Bring the party with gifts your guests will fight over with these last-minute gift ideas Everyone will want to put this bad boy around their neck. This gag gift gets the Secret Santa seal of approval. Get the cutest plushie peen here, or get a penis delivered tomorrow with Amazon Prime.

funny white elephant gag gifts

2. Menstrual Cycle Blanket : From Luteal Lunacy to Hormonal Hell
Cuddle up with this snuggly and informative plush blanket, or wear it as a period-positive cape! Menstrual cycle blanket is available in three sizes -- light, medium and heavy flow.

vulva pouch zip

3. Vadge Zip Pouch
Put it all in this beautiful vulva bag! Stuff it full of candy or other holiday sweets for a special surprise for your giftee to unlock. Truly almost everybody loves extra vagina storage. If you need it faster, grab a vag bag on Amazon, it'll arrive overnight with Prime shipping.

ob gyn funny socks ova achiever ivf

4. Ova Achiever & Womb Service Socks
Socks are always in style during cozy season, so what could be better than our warm snuggly uterus-n-ovary socks -- they go together like peanut butter and jelly. One size fits most. Get a discount on these high-quality cozy cuteri when you bundle with with pins and stickers!

testicle plushie funny weird gag gift

5. Testicle Plushie - Soft, Cute & Cuddly on Your Couch
Last but not least, our testicle plushie brings a smile to all who handle him. If your holiday party is already filled with with nuts, why not add another? Our cute testicle plushie makes a great last-minute gift and is ready and waiting to ship with overnight delivery via Prime.

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