Unique Holiday Gift Ideas: I Heart Guts Plushie Organs

The Humor Behind The Design

Hug your way to health with I Heart Guts organ plushies, the perfect holiday gift to give tough topics a soft touch. Brighten a get-well health care package with colorful squishy plush body parts!

Our cute and cuddly anatomical plushie organs are sure to put a smile on your face and bring comfort to your health journey this holiday season.  

Each plush organ is designed to reflect its function in the body and comes with an info-packed hangtag to teach you more! Stuffie organs are clever, educational toys for every disease, surgery and chronic illness. 

Made with love and humor, plushie organs are a total mood-booster. Whether you're bouncing back from an operation, dealing with chronic pain, navigating a pesky cold, or are a doc or nurse looking for a chuckle during your coffee break - plushie organs are the giggle prescription you didn't know you needed. 

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique and humorous holiday gift for a medical professional or science enthusiast? Look no further! Our Original Organ Plushies will steal your heart, tickle your funny bone and make you pee in your pants.

Organ stuffed animals make the perfect post-op present, sparking smiles during tough times. Colorful and cuddly plush organs are great for anyone who loves anatomy or needs a little comfort during a medical procedure or recovery. 

Get to know our best-selling plushie organs! They're fan favorites for a reason and great to gift for the holiday season! 

Brain Plush

Feel the lobe with the boss of the body — the brain! Super-soft, huggable brain plushie gift for your lil' brainiac. Perfect nerdy anatomy stuffed toy for study time, mental health support and a weird-yet-supportive brain surgery gift.

Colon Plush

Give the gift of a soft bowel with this snuggly colon plush pillow! Gift a replacement for the worst-behaved organ. Grab this happy intestinal pal to hug or punch when your body is acting evil. This plushie colon will bring a smile to your favorite colon cancer patient, colonoscopy, IBS, IBD, Crohn's or colitis warrior. Great gift for med students on GI rotations!

Gallbladder Plush

Gallbladder gone? No worries, replace it with a fluffy plushie gallbladder for the holidays. This gallbladder stuffed animal is friendlier than your lousy gallstone-filled gallbladder, no disrespect. Blow your surgeon’s mind with this snuggly adorable gallbladder gift. Brings smiles and comfort to you and your care team during tough times.

Heart Plush

Show ‘em you love ‘em with your whole heart — from your aorta to your vena cava. Heart info, facts and humor included with each stuffed heart. This heart plush toy also makes a great size post-op cough pillow for pediatric patients. Great gift for open heart surgery patients, or show a doctor or nurse some extra fluffy love. Cardiologists and cardiac nurses need love, too! It's the ultimate statement of love. 

Kidney Plush

Give your nephrologist something they'll never forget. This kidney toy softens a hospital stay, or sends a smile when urine tough times. Dialysis got you down? Let this plush pal perk you back up. Gigantic soft kidney plush comes with drawings and info about the magic your kidneys make every day. Amazing kidney donor gift! 

Uterus Plush

Great gift for OB/GYNs, gynecology residents, medical school professors, obstetricians, midwives, doulas and women’s health practitioners. Pregnant women and new moms will love having an extra uterus around to hug or punch, as will anyone getting their first visit from the Menstrual Fairy. Hysterical hysterectomy gift or C-section post-op uterus plush pal. Warms hearts at the hospital after surgery. 

I Heart Guts best-selling plushies are a fun and unique way to show your love for anatomy and humor. With a variety of organs to choose from, there's something for everyone.

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