Spill Ur GUTS Olivia Rodrigo Goes Gutsy with Merch

So, you're a fan of Olivia Rodrigo's latest album, GUTS, and you want to show off your love with some merch, but that her gutsy stuff costs more than an arm and leg Dive into the internal world of I Heart Guts for some Guts-shaped, wallet-friendly goods on sale. Support your love for Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS with our Guts!

What's the connection between I Heart Guts and Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS album? For starters, we're inspired by the same idea that she explores in her music: Being unapologetically yourself and embracing all the messy, complicated, and vulnerable parts of who you are—inside and out.

I Heart Guts collections are perfect for Olivia Rodrigo fans who heart the unique. Imagine being decked out in real guts: Heart, brain, stomach, liver and more from head to toe. If you dig gutsy apparel, we've got Guts-themed accessories that won't break the bank!

Guts fans, let your love for eyeballs and Olivia shine. Our Adorable Eyeball Pins are eye-catching deal. They've taken a jaundiced detour, so they're on SALE! A hint of yellow never hurt anyone, right? For just $1, let these pins be a testament to your eye for a good deal and your heart for GUTS. 

Guts sale merch is a fun way to show off your music tastes while breaking the ice at any event. Imagine showing up to an Olivia Rodrigo concert wearing a pair of Go With Your Guts Socks for cheap. Human hearts, cute kidneys, happy lungs and little livers on socks! Why spend 30 smackers on Olivia's official GUTS socks when you can snag our Guts socks for just $3.50?

Your sebaceous glands produce oil that's got more drama than a teen heartbreak. While they might not have a chart-topping album like GUTS, they sure shine in their own greasy spotlight. Boost your skincare routine and celebrate the unsung heroes of skin hydration with our slick, on-sale Sebaceous Gland Pin

If you're a vinyl collector, you can snag Olivia Rodgrigo's limited edition GUTS vinyl record to add to your collection. Then, write your heart out after listening to her gut-wrenching tunes. Record all your deepest feelings in our Spill Your Guts Journal. Filled with rollerskating spleens, ice-cream eating gallbladders and more silliness, this soft-cover journal is the perfect place to record your innard thoughts. And it's only $2.99!

Show your devotion to Olivia's music with our adorable and cheap Pelvis Lapel Pin. Shake your hips to Olivia's freshest beats from GUTS while sporting a funky hip pin. Crank up the volume, let Olivia's gutsy lyrics be your dance anthem, and shimmy like you've got a backstage pass.

At 75% off due to softly faded background artwork, it's a deal that's music to your ears. Score these before they fade out like the final notes of an Olivia song.

Whether you're searching for the perfect gift for an Olivia fan to flaunt at a concert, or seeking some organ-themed swag to reminisce about your teenage years while listening to GUTS, our Guts collections have something for everyone. 

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