Why the Uterus is The Best Organ

Ah, the organ we love to hate and hate to love: the uterus. 

Last we checked, this organ literally has 99 problems. It sheds, thickens, contracts, bleeds, and cramps. Uterine issues like fibroids, endometriosis, prolapse, and tuberculosis are very real and can suck. 

Considering all of the above, it feels pretty satisfying to give the uterus hell. Still, there’s no denying that, despite this organ’s seeming attempt to kill us, it does play a massive role in our body (if you still have your uterus, that is). It’s responsible for implantation, gestation, menstruation, and labor, which is kind of a big deal. 

To celebrate the recent restock of our beloved bedeviling uterus, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and recalling the times we’ve praised and blamed the uterus. It’s a complicated relationship, we know. Whether the uterus is your friend or frenemy, grab a plushie, pin, or socks from our uterus gifts and let’s reminisce. 

Do periods piss you off? Same. In an attempt to laugh off the bloating, we created this Periodic Table of Your Period, a roundup of all the magical wonderment of menstruation. If you look closely, you'll find smiling condoms, IUDs and diaphragms in the Birth Control Series, alongside chemical diagrams of progesterone, folic acid and other important substances that course through your veins monthly. 


Utie has been a fan fav for more than a decade. You might not remember when the fierce, funny indie ‘zine BUST featured our plush uterus on their “Page O’ Sh*t” as a must-have item for becoming a “menses master,”  but it was a pretty rad moment.

There was that one time we turned to social media to find out your favorite euphemisms for your period. "Shark Week," "Riding the Cotton Pony," and “Satan's Waterfall” just skim the surface of the submissions we received. Who woulda thought that there are more than 5,000 phrases!?

As everyone's first home, the uterus is truly the coolest organ (sorry brain and heart!) with special superpowers all its own. More on that in our uterus plush post, which basically spotlights how cool this organ is. Plus, we reveal a special celeb who used our very own uterus plushie as a prop during a segment on Ellentube. You’ll have to read the blog to find out who the celeb was. She’s almost as big of a deal as our fluffy, pink, cuddly womb, the mother of all organs.

The uterus has played an important role in our bodies for as long as humans have been around. Occasionally babies come out of it, but other than that, we don’t want other humans in our uterus. 

If you’re pro-choice, you’re probably feeling the same way right about now. Put up your fallopian tubes, throw on our Angry Uterus Gang shirt and tell the world they do not want to mess with this uterus.

Thanks for digging into the badass past of the uterus, friends!

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