We Heart Bust

We have loved Bust since its days as a tiny indie lady zine and are thrilled it's still thriving as a real honest-to-goodness magazine. So we are especially honored to have our plush uterus shouted out on a "Page O' Sh*t" about menstrual goodies (including a revolver-shaped heating pad! Gotta have it.). This is what they said: " A friendly stuffed uterus? Awesome! This plush could moonlight as the mascot for the National Bowlers Association!" At first, we didn't really get the bowling reference until we really looked, and yes, our uterus does indeed look primed for a double strike. I've always kinda envisioned her as a female Karate Kid, ready to pounce, after my pal Noel told me his high school biology teacher (thanks, Mr. Zlatnick!) described the uterine anatomy that way.

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