Hilarious Surgery Recovery & Get-Well Gift Guides

Surgery & Transplant Gift Guide - Anatomy Gifts - Organ Pillow - Organ Plush - I Heart Guts
From organ transplant surgery to tonsil removal, there’s no better way to memorialize life events both big and small than with guts. Plushies, pins, and keychains help us remember the guts we’ve loved and lost, or those we’ve despised and dumped. And more importantly, they remind us that we’re capable of overcoming anything. 

Surgery & Transplant Gift - Anatomy Gifts - Organ Pillow - Organ Plush - I Heart Guts

Here are some of our latest gift guides for gift-spo any day of the year.

Funny Gallbladder Surgery Gifts

Did your gallbladder quit on you? Suffering from gallstones? Fill the void of a bile-y, functional gut with a gallbladder gift. Our Gallbladder Surgery Gift Guide breaks down the perfect pre or post-op gift that’ll leave that special person in your life in stitches.   

The guide boasts adorable and hilarious gallbladder gifts such as the Gobs of Gallbladder Erasers or the Gall of the Wild magnets to remind you of the bile-child organ that just couldn’t be tamed. 

Gallbladder Magnet - Organ Magnet - Anatomy Magnet - Funny Surgery Gift

Trouble is a friend of this free-spirited little organ, often causing issues like Cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder) or polyps. With over half a million people getting this pesky pear-shaped gut removed a year, you’re bound to find a reason to gift your loved one a gallbladder gift

Best Knee Surgery Gifts

Knees don’t get enough credit for how cool they are. People tend to focus on how creaky their kneecaps get with age, but not on the fact that knees are just as unique as fingerprints.

Celebrate just how special the human body's largest and most complex joint is with our curation of Best Knee Surgery Gifts. Humans might not develop kneecaps until they’re between 2 and 6 years old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell a friend (or yourself) that they’re the bees knees with these funny knee gifts.

Knee Replacement T-shirt - Funny Surgery & Doctor Gift - Organ Anatomy Gifts - I Heart Guts

If you’ve got someone in your life with a knee-replacement surgery on the books, welcome them into the Bad Knee Club with our Roundup of Knee Gifts that you absolutely knee-d to buy.

Funny Ass Gifts for Colon Cancer

If you think there’s nothing funny about ass problems, think again. Our Funny Ass Gift Guide for all sorts of colon troubles such as colon cancer, Barbie butt surgery (proctectomy), and colonoscopies is the perfect way to brighten up someone’s day without making an ass of yourself. 

Just because your intestines and colon help push out poop doesn’t mean your present has to be shitty. Show your friend that you care about their colorectal health by gifting them a pair of comfy Colon Socks to remind them that their courage moves you like the colon moves poop out of your butt. 

Colon Socks - Bowel Socks - Organ Socks - Anatomy Socks - Colon Gifts

Get buttloads more ideas for funny colon gifts to get a colon cancer patient, a bestie with IBS, or a colitis warrior you might know with our Guide of Colon Gift Ideas.

Gifts for Healthcare Heroes 

It’s one thing to get gifts for your friends with gut issues, but you shouldn’t forget about the healthcare heroes that help heal those gut issues for everyone, every day! 

Simple acts of gratitude can have an immensely positive impact on your caregiver’s day and can help them pass along even greater care and happiness to other patients. Check out the many ways you can say ‘thanks’ to a healthcare worker with our guide to Gifts for Healthcare Heroes

Heart of Gold Keychain - Organ Keychain - Anatomy Keychain - Doctor & Nurse Keychain Gift - I Heart Guts

Many of us can recall a moment when a healthcare worker changed our lives forever. Whether it was a surgeon who performed a life-saving procedure or a nurse who held your hand while you got your blood drawn–a Heart of Gold Keychain can be a reminder that their kindness and care are worth their weight in gold.

Visit our healthcare heroes gift guide for more gift ideas for that medical maven in your life.

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