Gifts for Healthcare Heroes: What do you give a healthcare worker?

We’d be lost without healthcare workers, and that’s been clearer than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare workers have been at the forefront of diagnosing patients, developing treatments and vaccines, and saving lives while risking their own.

As the world changes, the healthcare industry evolves to provide effective care. With the aging Baby Boomer generation, modern technological advancements, and changes in healthcare policies, our dedicated healthcare workers operate hospitals and treatment centers, guide and implement policy changes, and develop technology in the name of health.

Healthcare workers can make an impact on an individual, regional, or even global level! Everything we know about our own bodies, avoiding germs and sickness, and our mental and physical health is all thanks to healthcare workers. We couldn’t live without them. Pun intended. 

An attitude of gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness — and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. Thanking your healthcare workers, whether it’s with a verbal “Thank you for all the care you’ve shown me,” or a written acknowledgment can go a long way. Our cards for doctors and nurses are an added bonus to honor the nurse, therapist, physician, or other caregiver in your life.

Approximately one in three physicians are experiencing burnout at any given time. By expressing our thanks to healthcare workers, they’re more likely to feel appreciated, and more motivated to continue delivering the best care possible. If you’re in the spirit of giving, our pins, patches, and buttons pack a punch, making them great gifts for healthcare providers!

Whether it’s for your annual physical check-up or a surgery, healthcare professionals are the reason we have access to advanced medical treatments, including vaccinations, transplants, and medications. Healthcare workers are the real overachievers! Recognize their hard work and dedication with this Ova Achiever t-shirt, mug, or tote bag.

I Heart Guts is all about loving our bodies, and we need healthcare workers to help us take care of them. Our plush organs help people laugh in the face of illness and help healthcare workers feel appreciated. You can even find our gutsy pillows in hospital gift shops!

We’re proud to have worked with Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Children's National Hospital in D.C., American Liver Foundation, American Heart Association, and other non-profits doing incredible work in health and medicine. 

It takes guts to be a healthcare worker, and it takes a whole lot of smarts, too! Show a healthcare worker how much you love their brain and heart with a Brain Plush or Heart Plush.

No matter the field, we’ve got you covered from head to toe (literally). Search the I Heart Guts plushies and toys by organ and be sure to check out our Threadless shop for endless gifts for nurses, doctors, medical students, and all other healthcare professionals. 

Simple acts of gratitude can have an immensely positive impact on your caregiver’s day, and can help them pass along even greater care and happiness to their other patients. So, show the healthcare heroes around you some love!

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