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I Heart Guts® plush internal organs bring a smile to your face and smarts to your brain! The perfect gift for everything from a broken heart to a tummy ache, our colorful organs will steal your heart, tickle your funny bone and maybe even make you pee in your pants.
 Plush Organs - Best Cutest Original Organs - Human Body Stuffed Animals

Get your feet wet in anatomy or bone up on your physiology with our adorable organs, which have been featured in People, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post and were named Best of Toy Fair 2014 by Popular Science magazine.

I Heart Guts plush organs have helped people laugh in the face of illness since 2005. If laughter is the best medicine, then stick with us and we'll make you bust a gut. Not literally, of course.

ABC News - Teacher Donates Kidney to Student

You’ll find I Heart Guts in top science and health museums, award-winning hospital gift shops and trend-setting toy stores. Both silly and educational, I Heart Guts charming plush organs make learning anatomy irresistible for the wee future doctor or anybody with a body.

Our bare-bones family operation strives to offer plush organs with love, style and geeky puns. We operate out of the Los Angeles metro area and live to serve our customers the best in weird, educational and ridiculous happy human organs.

Original plush organs founder

These happy colorful organs are the brainchild of Wendy Bryan Lazar, an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all they do. 

But these organs weren’t always happy. Like all good ideas, the Guts started life on a cocktail napkin while Wendy, unlucky in love, was drunk drawing sad-faced anatomically-correct hearts in a bar. That night, her nerdy love for anatomy met her passionate love for drawing and I Heart Guts was born.

Lazar's gut babies came to life as drawings on buttons, stickers and a single heart T-shirt. She sold these online and added guts as people asked for them. "My mom is an OB/GYN -- you should make a uterus!" and "Wow, I'm diabetic and would love to see a pancreas!" Wendy's collection of organ character drawings grew directly from requests from her gutsy customers.

One day, a customer said, "Hey, my brother gave me his real kidney and I'd love to give him a kidney back -- do you make toys?" Our first run of plush organs -- heart, kidney, lungs and liver -- arrived in 2007. We now have nearly 40 plush organs for you to love and snuggle.

 Liver Transplant Gift - Hepatologist Gift - Surgery Gift

Special De-liver-y to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!

We have worked with scores of hospitals and organizations, donating thousands of stuffed organs to the transplant units at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Children's National Hospital in D.C. among others. We have partnered with the American Liver Foundation, American Heart Association, Endocrine Society and scores of other non-profits on educational materials and creative fundraising. Each year, we donate part of our earnings to Partners in Health, Doctors Without Borders and  Planned Parenthood.

Best Plush Organ Toys - Cute and Funny Plush Guts - Human Body Stuffed Animals

We are humbled and honored to have been featured in the fine news outlets shown above, among others. Time Out New York said of the guts, “The deliriously happy bunch is sure to put any get-well card to shame,” while Black Book magazine says, “These furry toys can transplant love back into any tired relationship.” Wired blog’s Geek Dad notes, “Imagine the fun of saying, ‘Go upstairs to bed, sweetie, and don’t forget your pancreas.’”

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