Funny Gallbladder Surgery Gifts

Gallbladder Plush - Gallbladder Plushie - Gallbladder Stuffed Animal - Gallbladder PillowWhat do you give after gallbladder surgery? A fake gallbladder plush, that's what! This gallbladder pillow won't make trouble or stones. We also have gallbladder keychains, gallbladder lapel pins and other great gallbladder removal gifts. Money can't buy you love but it can buy you a fake gallbladder. Funny get well gallbladder gift after gallbladder surgery.

Gallbladder Keychain - Funny Gallbladder Surgery Gift - Gallbladder Removal Recovery Gift - Gallbladder Get Well Gifts

We have gallbladder magnets, gallbladder erasers and other great gallbladder surgery post-op and pre-op removal gift ideas. You'll leave your friend in stitches with this cute human gallbladder shaped plushie. Our gallbladder plush also ships with a free sticker, if you're lucky, it'll be the gallbladder one!

What Does Gallbladder So - How Does Gallbladder Work - Gallbladder Explained

What does the gallbladder do? The gallbladder collects and concentrates bile, a substance made by the liver and used to digest fat, like that ice cream you had last night. Bile helps keeps your cholesterol in check! Gall stones are the crystals that sometimes form from the bile. 

Gallbladder Surgery Gift - Gallstone Surgery Gift - Gallbladder removal gift

Did your gallbladder quit on you? You’re not alone. A half-million American gallbladders are separated from their owners every year. It’s tragic, but you can live without that pesky bile balloon, so no worries. 

Gallbladder Plush - Gallbladder Plushie - Gallbladder Stuffed Animal - Anatomical Gallbladder Pillow - Human Gallbladder Shape Toy

The gallbladder is a small, green, pear shaped organ that sits below your liver on the right side of the body. The gallbladder plugs into the digestive system via the pancreas as part of the hepatobiliary (hep -- liver and biliary, for bile, get it?) system.

Gallstone Gifts - Gallbladder Stones - Gallbladder Plushie - Gallstone Plush - Anatomical Plush Pillow

Gallstones are annoying and painful, which is why doctors recommend cholecystectomy. They're not gonna keep your gallbladder in a jar like some creepy evil surgeon. They are gonna throw it in the incinerator, because they never wanna see your gallbladder again, either. Bon voyage, gallbladder! Nice knowing ya.

gallbladder keychain - human anatomy keychain - organ shaped keychains - medical doctor keychains

Our cute lil' gallbladder won't give you any trouble. While your real organ is chilling on a gorgeous gallstone beach with its bile ducts dipped in a Mai Tai, our gallbladder will be forever by your side. Your gallbladder may be gone, but it's not forgotten.

Gallbladder Surgery Shirt - Gallbladder removal shirt - funny gallbladder shirt

Gallbladders sometimes go crazy on you. This gallbladder stuffed animal is friendlier than your lousy stone-filled gallbladder, no disrespect. Blow your surgeon’s mind with a snuggly adorable gallbladder pillow or gallbladder t-shirt. Brings smiles and comfort to you and your care team during tough times. Doctors, nurses and surgeons all love a cute -- and painless -- gallbladder gift.

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