Best Knee Surgery Gifts

Knee Replacement Shirt - Funny Cute Knee Surgery Gift
Is your knee bad? I mean, really really bad? Welcome to the club! The Bad Knee Club invites all those with terrible knees to trash-talk the human body's largest and most complex joint.

Knee Surgery Funny - Knee Surgery Humor - Knee Replacement Joke

Before we give all knees a bad rap, let's talk about why knees are awesome! For example, did you know your kneecap is as unique as your fingerprint? That's right, it's not some generic bone, your kneecap -- aka your patella) is completely different than your brother's or your best friend's. It's like a snowflake!

knee parts - what does knee look like- knee picture - knee info

Another interesting knee tidbit for ya: babies are born without kneecaps. It's true. These cartilage kneecaps may make birthing baby easier to pass through the ol' vagina. The kid's boney knees arrive between ages 2 and 6. Ok, one last fun fact about knees: grasshoppers and crickets have ears on their knees! 

Knee replacement surgery, called knee arthroplasty, replaces your old knee joint with a shiny new one. Get your Forever Knee plush along with your Robot Metal Knee Replacement (our new band name) and watch the smiles roll in from your surgeon, your PT and all other knee pros helping you get well. Knees are cool and all, but when yours stop working and cause you a ton of pain, you are ready to toss out the old knee and start life over again with knee replacement surgery. New knee, new me!

Knee Surgery Shirt - Cute Knee Surgery Gift - Knee Surgery Funny Shirt

Do we have the best funny knee surgery gifts? We think so! But don't trust us, we are totally biased! Listen up to our customers: "I gave this to my sister after she had knee replacement surgery. She said it was 'one of the cutest things she's ever seen.' The tag is a little fun/educational booklet too." - Coll via Amazon. Another happy Amazon customer says: "Gave this to my sister the morning before she had knee surgery. She loved it. She took it with her to the hospital and it gave her surgeon and nurses a good laugh. One nurse named him Kneeburt."

Bad Knee Club Card

Our knee plush is the cutest knee plush and best knee surgery gifts on Amazon (again, so super BIASED!), with the highest five-star ratings (this is actual facts) and makes the best funny knee replacement gift (in our opinion) on Amazon or whatever other wacky third-party website you like to buy from. Can't buy a cute knee surgery t-shirt right now? No worries, we get that. You can still join our club, membership is absolutely free and all you have to do is print out the above membership card and you're in. 

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