The Best Gifts to Celebrate Pride Month

Bring on the glitter and rainbows.

Gay Pride Month is around the corner and in preparation, we’ve created the ultimate gay pride gift guide for the occasion. We’ve curated a selection of gutsy goodies to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture, show our support for the community, and get in the party mood.

The month of June is about more than fabulous pride parades, pride marches, and overdoing it on the sparkle, as titillating as that sounds. The month was designated to honor the Manhattan Stonewall Riots which took place on June 28, 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, a well-known gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village.

Since then, each June is a time to commemorate the event, acknowledge the movement for LGBTQ+ rights, engage in the fight for equality—and have a jolly gay time doing it!

Add splashes of color to your Pride celebrations with Penis & Testicle Gifts. Our best-selling Penis Pillow is the perfect flaccid or erect friend to take with you to a Pride party or to bestow upon your bestie as the ultimate gag gift.  

If you’re feeling extra flamboyant, flaunt it to the world with our Testicle Having a Ball Buttons, or zhuzh up your outfit with an arousing Penis + Testicle Enamel Pin complete with a sparkly urethra to complement your own shimmering insides.

If just one pin doesn’t satisfy your glitter craving, we know the feeling. That’s why we curated glittery guts galore in our sparkly organ gifts collection, so you can glint like the god/goddess you are.

Sometimes we all need an extra set of balls to show up as our authentic selves, so we got you covered with our Testicle Plush. Whether it’s your first Pride or your twentieth, go absolutely nuts.

Representation matters, so be sure to balance out the peen power with clitoris gifts. Don your Vadge of Honor Pin proudly and let everyone know you have a vagina, love vaginas, want a vagina, support vagina rights… or just like pins. 

We also have supes cutes Sparkly Vagina + Vulva Lapel Pin that will bring a little extra flair to your festivities. Celebrate your identity and embrace self-love with hoo-ha gifts that’ll make you ha-ha. Walk with Pride in our Uterus and Ovary Socks and put your clitoris where you can always find it—on your chest with our Enjoy Your Clitoris Lapel Pin.

I Heart Guts is proud to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, and like our breast plush, we’re here to support you. Similar to humans, breasts come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. If smiling purple jugs with pink nipples are the missing piece to your Pride costume, we got you. Bring a boob to Pride, stuff it in your bra, or gift a melon to your breastie.  

Nothing screams I love boobies more than Love My Boobs Buttons. Free the nip and share the boob love with everyone. 


The rainbow Pride flag itself is an integral part of Pride. Each of the colors represents an aspect of the movement. Like the rainbow flag, our socks reflect a spectrum of diversity, sexuality and gender. That takes guts. 

Show off all of the colors of the rainbow with our multicolor I Heart Your Guts Socks (left) or our Rainbow Guts Socks (right). You’ll be radiating positivity with these on your feet.    

Love has the power to unite us, and that’s what Pride is all about. Let’s advocate for the ability and freedom to be who we are, and openly love whomever we choose without stigma and shame. What better way to say I love what’s on your insides than with a Heart of Gold Metallic Vinyl Plush? Plus, it’s the perfect accessory for your PVC outfit. 

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is dedicated to uplifting the community and honoring diversity, equality, and visibility. Celebrate your identity and embrace self-love all month long with the gifts in this Pride collection. Remember, love is love.

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