Cute Anatomy Face Masks

Fun Anatomy Face MasksCalling all med nerds, we got face masks galore over at our print-on-demand pals at Threadless! What is print-on-demand you might ask? Well, it's an awesome way for us to make a limited number of specialty designs. You ask for it, we make it and print it just for you!

Lung Face Mask Covid

There are no cute Covid face masks in stock, we auto-magically make it when you order it. So your face masks are served up funky fresh just for your face. It's like your favorite burger made to order, but for your face! A face burger. With extra pickles.

Uterus Face Mask Funny CuteAs a medical professional, you have to put your face into some crazy nooks and crannies of the human body. You put yourself in harm's way on the job. You walk into a Covid ward. You -- and, let's be real, NURSES -- deal with the gross and unexpected bodily fluids coming out of body holes. And for that, we salute you. Truly.

Pooping Rainbows Face Mask

Every time I have to have an orifice checked, I marvel at the bravery of doctors. I mean, how much would someone have to pay you to look at a stranger's hemmorhoidal butthole? Seriously. Even if your intestine poops adorable rainbows.

Covid Cute Face MaskAre we sick of wearing face masks? Absolutely! But guess what? Even though your cute lymph nodes are working on overdrive to protect your body, keeping those germs out of your lungs is a good first step to helping your body avoid catching Covid at the grocery store.

Cute Tooth Face Mask Dentists

One more thing! Our cute face masks now come with adjustable straps and removable filters! They also come in kids' sizes. You may recall when these anatomy face masks first came out, they were taking forever to make and ship, and many arrive late AND with printing errors. Wasn't that fun? We really enjoyed that.

Colon Face Mask

But all snark and sarcasm aside, the face masks are now printing and shipping super fast. And all proceeds still benefit MedShare and their awesome work getting medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in need all over the world.

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