Lymph Node Plush - Rock Your Antibody


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Your immune system never looked so cute. Let this 12” x 9” x 5” guy help you lymph for the moment. Our lymph nodes are on the front lines of defense when it comes to fighting disease and infection. Sprinkled throughout the body, lymph nodes are filled with white blood cells, which patrol the lymphatic system for bodily bad guys. When these cells identify harmful invaders, they drag them back to the lymph node to be destroyed. Out of cyte! Comes with a fact-filled educational booklet hangtag all about the organ, so you just might learn something. Designed in the US, made in China.

Hangtag Details
Your Lymph Nodes: Lymphin' The Dream
Location: scattered throughout the body with 500-700 of my best friends
Occupation: security and immunology
Likes: trapping and destroying bad guys, spleens, macrophages
Dislikes: cancer, metastasis, viruses
Fave White Blood Cells: Killer T Cell, Natural killer cell and Helper T cell
Wants to meet: Someone who thinks I’m swell.