Brains and Butts are Back!

plush organs cute funny surgery gift
Oh my GERD we are restocked on so many guts! You may have noticed we have been sold out of some organs for quite some time. While I'd like to blame the Global Pandemic that Keeps on Giving, the truth is a little more complicated. Butt.. before I go into the boring details, FIRST: 

uterus plush surgery fibroids endometriosis pain funny cute gift

Our lovely UTERUS plush -- the womb whom we have missed so much -- is back in stock and ready to ship! We are so happy to see her fallopian tubes a-flappin' again! The icing on the uterus? The beast is back just in time for Mother's Day!

plush organs funny cute surgery gifts

Also kidney plush is back in stock and our long lost liver plush is restocked as well. So thrilled for the return of so many happy smiling faces! Okay, so back to the boring stuff. 1. I am lousy at Inventory Forecasting! This means predicting how much stock we need. I sit down with my crystal ball -- and a spreadsheet -- and do my best to figure out what organs we are running low on, and what organs we WILL run out of soon. I'm an art geek, not a numbers nerd. So I usually screw up.

plush organs in box
Problem #2 is fitting more organs in a box! Our previous manufacturer stuffed A LOT of organs in one case, which meant -- yay! --bringing more organs home from the factory, but -- boo! -- are too heavy for our warehouse crew to handle safely. So we have had to cut down on our guts-per-box.

plush organs in warehouse

Short break while we show you LIVE FOOTAGE of guts back in the warehouse! Lookit those beautiful boxes filled with GUTS! Tears fill my eyes as I think of old friends appendix plush, brain plush and rectum plush back and ready to ship to your loving arms! Also meet your new skin tone, we are so exited to have this beautiful new color in the flesh:

 skin dermatology cute funny gift

More about this awesome new skin plushie right here, as she deserves her own post. Problem #3 is Logistics. Logistics means getting stuff from here to there. And during Covid Times, it has been difficult. Factories in China are still having occasional lockdowns, space on boats is scarce and the ports are clogged. So fun! Anyhoo, new friends and old faves are back in stock so peep our plush organs before we sell out -- again! And that brings me to problem #4: hoarding! When we start to run out of a particular organ, there is a mad rush of dividing the remaining stock between, Amazon and some of our bigger stores. “Oh you only have four cases of Uteri left? We’ll take two of those.” And then we are out. And that’s the way the uterus crumbles!


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