Fab New Skin Tone Plushie

skin plush toy figure modelOur skin plush is back in stock, this time with more melanin! Super soft skin plushie feels great against your own! Our skin protects our insides from the outside. You all asked for more skin tones, so here is one of the Earth's billions of variations in beautiful skin color!

skin model funny cute dermatology gift

As the body’s largest organ, the skin protects us from germs and infection and helps enjoy the sensation of touch. Geek out on the skin's sensory organs just below the dermis (bulbs of Krause, organs of Ruffini and Merkel's discs), all on the plushie itself and labeled on our handy hangtag.

skin parts and what skin does

Let's not forget the hair bulb, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and skin muscles (the goosebump ones!)... so much anatomical treasure lies beneath!

skin plushie cute pillowThey say beauty is only skin deep, but we know this fleshy friend is cute inside and out. Happy to have this skin plushie back in stock. Grab one for your fave dermatologist or skin geek!

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