Overactive Bladder

sprinkle-when-tinkleLadies, do you ever find yourself faced with a splattered toilet seat at the office, in public, or worse, in your own home? Fear not, we have a cute new graphic for you to download and post to nicely say what you want to, "Stop peeing on the seat!" In the meantime, let us know how you feel about the "Hover Pee": is it a signal to let other ladies know how utterly disgusting that gas station bathroom really is? Or it is sheer laziness? What's wrong with a toilet seat cover, anyway? Does seeing pee on a toilet seat fill you with rage? How often do you end up wiping up someone else's pee? Should toilet seats be banished? Or printed with Ryan Gosling's face to keep them clean? Inquiring bladders want to know!

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  • Mary

    I hover over public toilet seats. I don’t like to sit in strangers wet or dried urine. If there was already pee on the toilet seat, I don’t care If I sprinkle on it, too.

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