Good News! 😊 Bad News! 😢

Inflation, higher manufacturing costs and increased shipping prices are kicking our butts, so we regret to tell ya we need to raise prices on a few items. We're so sorry about this, we know it stinks like yesterday's farts!

Let's start with the Bad News: As of August 1, 2024, we are going the way of Taco Bell & Spotify and our prices will go up on the following: 

Sticker Sets $7.99. All our 15-piece organ sticker sets are going up a buck. Still a fantabulous deal -- you know most people ask $3 for a single high-quality vinyl sticker of this size. With us, you snag 15 organ stickers for just $7.99. Grab some cute organ sticker sets in July for $7 until prices go up Aug 1! 

Enamel Pins $5.99. Also going up by a buck. Most enamel pins of this quality and size sell for $10-$15. Ours are a budget and bulk friendly $5.99. This includes blood enamel pin, estrogen enamel pin, heart of gold enamel pin, insulin enamel pin, kidney enamel pin, pancreas enamel pin, sparkly penis enamel pin, sperm sparkly enamel pin, testosterone enamel pin and sparkly vulva+vagina enamel pin. Get our high-quality medical enamel pins for $5 during the rest of July, then they go up 8/1! 

Now for some Good News! All the rest of our cute organ pins (made from durable printed aluminum) will still be sold for $4 each -- the best deal in the pin game hands -- and knees -- down.  Enjoy our old prices on the cutest organ lapel pins for the month of July before prices go up Aug 1! 

Our organ plushies are still sold for just $19.99 -- we're doing our best to keep them at that price! Sure, you can get a skill-crane or carnival plushie for a lot less. But if you've ever met our plush toys, you know the are the softest, cutest, highest-quality plush organs out there at the best price. 

Plus, our plushies are made with recycled plastic bottle stuffing at an ethically-certified factory. So you can feel good about how these toys are made, where they are made, AND they're easy on your wallet! What's not to love?

More great news: We're running sales like hot diarrhea this August! Stay tuned for all the deals, here's a schedule so you can mark your calendars for whatever your little heart desires:

  • Digestive System Blowout! 💩 40% off Select Pins  💩 July 29-Aug 4
  • Now Hear This! 👂 20% off select ENT Plushies and Pins 👅 Aug 5-11 
  • Hot Gyno Summer Sale  🩸 60% Off Select Reproductive Items 🩺  Aug 12-18

  • 50% off Bone & Muscle pins! 🦴 Half off bones & muscles 💪 Aug 19-25
  • 75% off Back to School 📕 w/ select Stickers, Stationery ✏️ & Socks 🧦 - Aug 26- Sep 1

  • ALSO our annual plush organ sale is 10% off all plushies for the entire month of September! Celebrate I Heart Guts' birthday with $2 bucks off each plush!

The fine print: cannot be combined with other discounts, coupons or free shipping offers!

Where do I go to find all these deals, you ask? Check our Instagram Stories feed for a nudge, or keep your eyes on the I Heart Guts Sale Department for dog days of summer discounts! Apologies again for the kick in the wallet, but we gotta keep the lights on!

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