Sick Sale!

For the next three days, don't buy plushies on our site! Go forth to and get more than 50% off our plushies in this insane three-day private sale. Discounts so deep you really won't want to miss it, if you're already a member, go for it, if not, just sign up to be eligible for the deals. If you've been waiting to buy a bunch of guts, this is your chance to get a bunch at below wholesale prices! Go in with friends, go gag-ga for guts! WARNING: is horribly addictive and has waaayy too much good stuff on it for super-cheap, so try to restrain yourself.


  • Josh

    I know, right?! I wish they’d ship to Canada too :(

  • Cassandra

    I have tried multiple times to purchase the appendix plush off of but it will not let me complete my order no matter what i do! The sale ends in less than a day! D:

  • alison

    would love to, but then realized that they don’t ship to Canada. sniffle : (

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