I Spleen You!

Anybody out there tired of the heart as Valentine's Day's official mascot? Ever wonder why not the brain or pancreas? Tell us what organ should replace the tired ol' heart for Valentine's Day and why and the best answer wins a fun box of gutsy treats! Post your reply here or on the I Heart Guts Facebook page by Feb 9th!

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  • Jackie

    That’s simple: the lungs.


    What/who would the heart be without the ability to deliver newly oxygenated blood to the rest of the body?

    Without the lungs and its supply of oxygen (and ability to rid of CO2 waste) the heart wouldn’t be of much importance because it wouldn’t be able to function properly. Nor would the spleen, liver, pancreas, etc.

  • Katherine

    I definitely think that the pancreas should replace the heart because it produces insulin, which is used to digest the glucose we get from eating all that chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Plus, the pancreas is one of the most under-appreciated organs, so it deserves some extra love!

  • Michael Parmley

    I would have to go with the Liver. Why? Because it is the organ that keeps on giving. It is the only organ that will give up its on energy (glucose) for the rest of the body. No matter how much we hurt it and cause it pain the Liver will always try to repair itself and make amends. The Liver is a healer by helping us recover from many of the fun or lonely nights that we all have. Truly, it is the organ of unconditional love.

  • Agimat

    The LUNGS… coz I can’t breathe without you…….. L O V E! …. you are the air I breathe. Happy Valentine’s everyone!

  • Eric MH

    Without a doubt the stomach. What else gets excited when you see your partner after being away for even a short period? Where else are the butterflies during that first kiss? What is tied up in knots when something is about to go wrong, or full of joy when that special someone makes you the perfect dinner? I Vote Tummy!

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