liver-how-it-works The world is minus one of the greatest entertainers of our time with the death of Michael Jackson yesterday in Los Angeles. He will live forever in our hearts, and his body might live on even longer than that -- the Daily Mail reports the King of Pop's body will be plastinated and put on display in a BodyWorlds exhibit -- take that info with a grain of salt, though, they are the Weekly World News of the UK. We wondered if MJ might be the type to have his body cryogenically frozen -- a process that supercools the body and removes the body's fluids so one might be brought back to life in the future. Not so. Apparently the body needs to be frozen almost immediately after death, otherwise the brain builds up with lactic acid, destroying it in the process. Of course first we must wait for the autopsy, and until then we'll wait to see whether rumors of heavy prescription drug use and possible anorexia contributed to cardiac arrest. All controversy aside, our hearts are heavy over here at I Heart Guts. Until we hear more details, we're gonna crank up "Thriller" for the millionth time.