Back in Stock!

Gutsy plush faves are back! We have been sold out on several best-sellers over here and these fresh gut babies are BACK and ready to ship out their their next adventure! Not to play favorites, but here's the plushies RANKED of Body Besties missed least to MOST:

4. Blood Plushie

Whaaat? That is so mean! We need blood and we bleed blood, plus this plushie has been MIA the longest. Sorry, blood plushie, but we missed you the least of our sold out out-of-stock plush organ Class of 2024.

3. Placenta Plushie

How dare you say that about my Baby Placenta!? Let's face it, this organ is temporary and baby's bestie only until lungs and stomach come along and replace her functions after birth. Then placenta plushie gets tossed out like yesterday's coleslaw. SO MEAN!!!

2. Clitoris Plushie

WUT. How dare you say a negative word about the Amazing and Wonderful Clitoris? This fun-loving organ has been sold out for weeks and yes, we have missed her smiling face and positive attitude. She can also rest assured clitoris plushie is a fan favorite and everybody's good-time gal. However, we have sorely missed our next fluffy friend the MOST.

1. Knee Plushie

Yep, we missed this little cuddly bone the most! We allllmost ran out o spine plushies, but lucky for you we hoarded a few to sell on, though they are sold out everywhere else. This adorable knee replacement gift is now ready to ship. Whichever gut you've been waiting for, we have plenty in stock for you to snag, plus you can score free shipping if you take two plushies home with ya!


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