12 Most Hilarious Organ Plushie Reviews

I Heart Guts Plushie Customers Are Bursting With Gratitude 

These humans are grateful for their guts! We are so glad our Plush Organs could help these customers through the highs and lows of having real ones. Read on for some rave reviews.

Rectum Plush: “The Perfect Medical Team Present!”

Medical emergencies can be hard to digest. We proudly sell Rectum Plushies that can soften tense situations for medical personnel.

We just got an update yesterday from our medical team about how everyone fawns over all the I Heart Guts presents we get them each year. Intestinal failure’s never looked so cute ‘n’ cozy!”

We heart medical teams. It moves us to see you celebrated. 

Kidney Plush: When Urine Love

Finding a kidney donor can be an urea-duous process. Luckily, this patient has a renally cool supporter on her side.

“Wanted to give you a kidney (back), but socks would be a more practical reminder of how much ‘urine love’ with me. What better Valentine’s Day gift than one with a V-Day appropriate kidney pun?”

Transplants are no joke, but kidney-ing around can help! We think it’s tubule-ar that our Kidney Plush could bring a little humor to your Valentine’s Day. 

Prostate Plush: A Reward That Radiates Comfort

Radiation therapists help cancer patients feel comfy during treatments. Don’t they deserve to feel warm and cozy in the office?

“I am having prostate radiation treatment and found the plush bladder, rectum, and prostate. I got them for the office, and all the therapists just loved them. They deal with all three parts. The other patients enjoy seeing them too.”

This urethra-raving review is proof! It seems that our Prostate Plush radiates comfort to patients and medical professionals alike.

Heart Plush: An Upeat Gift For Any Circumstance

Our Heart Plush is ready to warm any heart and help any occasion feel more upbeat. It’s made to circulate love, after all!

“My heart is full!! Purchased one for my father, who just had cardioversion, and one for my son-in-law, a soon-to-be cardio-thoracic surgeon! Lots of laughter and love shared by all!!! All of the organs I have purchased so far are AH-mazing! Thank you for making such a fun, unique, well-crafted item!”

Whether someone made it through medical school or surgery, an I Heart Guts plushie is our version of a congratulatory cardio gift.

Gallbladder Plush: For When Your Gallbladder Bounces

If you have a love-hate relationship with your gallbladder, sometimes you must go the extra bile and nix the organ from your body forever. Luckily, you can swap it out with a nicer and cuter Gallbladder Plushie.

“One week ago today, my gallbladder decided it was time to bounce, and I had gallbladder surgery. Decided to replace it with a bigger and better one from I Heart Guts.”

Sometimes gall you need is a cholecystectomy and a new gallbladder stuffie. 

Uterus Plush: A Hysterical Holiday Gift 

Getting your tubes tied is no joke. We are happy to add some hysterics to hysterectomies.

“This wonderful womb plushie brought laughter and smiles to my wife, who has a hysterectomy scheduled for the new year! Thanks, I Heart Guts!”

Thanks, ova-achieving hubby! Our Uterus Plush is sure to light up the womb before and after her procedure. 

Placenta Plush: Let’s Get Umbilical 

This doula’s a placenta specialist. She knows a ton about womb service and is a huge fan of this life-giving organ: the Plushie Placenta and the real kind! 

“I’m sorry it’s not this cute in real life, but what she does is way more amazing than just being cute. We stan the placenta!” 

We’re with you 100% placenta on that, Nairobi. 

Bladder Plushie: Urine For A Great Recovery Companion

When you’re running on empty, there’s no better way to reju-rinate than snuggle up with a Bladder Plushie.

Best Recovery Companion! My fiancé was diagnosed with bladder cancer last week and had a TURBT and chemotherapy a few days ago. The only thing he wanted was a “stuffed bladder.” I was happy to oblige, and the smile on his face made it more than worth it. Thank you, I Heart Guts!”

We are full of pee-ride that we could help your hubby find relief during a difficult time.

Penis Neck Pillow: Schlong Enough For Two 

Planning to keep a Penis Neck Pillow all to yourself is a phall-acy. It’s long and strong enough for two, so share the love!

“Its color is so vibrant. Its texture is so soft. Its length is just long enough. My girlfriend and I split the price of this oenis neck pillow. We now have shared custody.”

Sharing custody is a peen-nominal idea! Also, your pup is adorable.

Liver Plush: A Cute Little Peace-Giver

For those liver-ing with disease, it can be hard to filter out stress and discomfort to get a good night’s sleep.

“Cute little liver! So cute. Gave my boyfriend a liver plush because he struggles with liver disease, and his mother did as well. The plush is super comfy to lay your head on for a nap; fluffy, yet a bit firm, and made with a super soft type of fabric. Absolutely in love, and plan to buy a few more of these little guys!”

Your liver clears toxins from your body, and naps clear ‘em from your noggin. Our cute bile-y buddy Liver Plush is glad to oblige! 

Insulin Plush: The Perfect Pancreatic Companion

Plushies aren’t just for children! An Insulin Plush is the enzymatic epitome of the perfect companion for any age.

“Perfect companion for my pancreas! I am not a kid, but I love my Guts plushes. I got the pancreas a number of years ago, maybe 12-15 years ago. I recently saw the insulin plush and knew I had to get it. They are adorable!”

Pumping insulin ain’t easy, but it’s sweeter when you have a pancreas in crime. 

Lung Plush: A Breath of Fresh Air For Transplant Patients 

As someone holds their breath for donor lungs, it is important to show them how much you lung them. 

Plush lungs for a to-be transplant patient! My friend is suddenly on the list for a double lung transplant, and I figured he, his wife, and two kids could enjoy these plush lungs until his new ones arrive, and after, they will serve as a reminder of how they got out of these tough days. I will send a plush organ to anyone I know in the future who is having trouble with their real one!”

We hope his Plush Lungs comfort him every step of the way— and even clear the air with some hilarious convos!



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