Spleen Plush - Lymphin&
Spleen Plush - Lymphin&
Spleen Plush - Lymphin&
Spleen Plush - Lymphin&
Spleen Plush - Lymphin&
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Spleen Plush - Lymphin&
Spleen Plush - Lymphin&
Spleen Plush - Lymphin&

Spleen Plush - Lymphin' The Dream - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow

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This adorable 9" x 8" x 2.5" spleen stuffed toy is perfect for the lymph enthusiast lurking within us all. Be the star of the next immunology event or give to someone who needs a hilarious splenectomy present. Delight your spleen surgeon, immunologist, or lymphatic system enthusiast with this special snuggly spleen. Handmade with recycled plastic bottle stuffing at an ethically-certified factory and imported— a feel-good gift inside and out! Ages 3 and up. Designed in California, handmade in China.

What do I give someone after spleen surgery? Well, we are biased, but we think our spleen organ plush is pretty funny. Stuff a spleen plushie, spleen pins and other spleeny treats for your post-op surgery gift basket! Plushie spleen is the perfect gift for spleen surgery, spleen removal, spleen injuries, mono, hypersplenism and other problems your spleen throws your way.

What does the spleen do? Your spleen keeps your blood tidy and fresh. This immune system fighter serves as your primary blood filter and largest lymph organ. Be amazed by your lymphatic system with our colorful 8-page hangtag -- truly more than you need to know about the organ you can live without. Funny, weird gift for a future doctor or anybody with a body. 


More spleen gifts available at our custom print t-shirt shop! Choose from Spleen Ninja or RIP Spleen designs and create a spleen tee, spleen tote or spleen blanket at iheartguts.threadless.com.

📦 USA Priority Mail takes 3-7 business days, economy mail is 5-20 business days. International is 30-60 business days (aka FOREVER). Get express plush organs on Amazon or visit a store near you! Love that fine print? Learn more about our shipping policy and returns policy.

Spot clean with damp cloth and mild detergent. Wash on delicate and dry low. Don’t like reading? Watch an organ plush cleaning video!


"My GF wanted to rip my spleen off and place it as a trophy on her work desk -- this toy literally saved my life."
- Evgenii C.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Janis H.
Replacement Parts

After three surgeries and 5 parts either partially removed, totally removed or replaced , I loved being able to give each one back to my husband as a recovery gift. He thought they were great and so did the kids and grandkids. They are cute, soft and well made. Thanks for making them to help in recovery.

Andrew S.

I bought the plush spleen for a friend’s daughter who has a blood disorder, and sadly it seems she has to have her spleen removed. She loves it and takes it to hospital with her. She’s called it Spleeny.

Andrew, we hope Spleeny is treating your friend's daughter much nicer than her previous organ! Thanks for sending a plushie replacement!

Alzira N.
Loved it !!

My son loved it .. he had a swollen spleen and this was a cute get well soon gift
Great quality !!

Thanks for choosing our organs for some adorable healing fun. Wishing him a speedy recovery with his new spleeny friend!

Marta M.

I lost my spleen in an accident and have been struggling emotionally since. When I got my package it made me laugh and cry! Such a small figure had such a huge impact, thank you for creating products that mend wounds and fill the voids <3

We're tearing up reading this! Losing an organ is definitely an emotional journey. We're so glad your new plushie gut can fill the void. Lost but never forgotten spleen. We heart you!

ava k.
beautiful spleen

bought this for our dear friend who lacerated his spleen playing hockey. it was perfect. very soft. very green. very spleen.

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