Kidney Donor Gift Ideas

What do you get someone after kidney surgery? Kidney plushie, kidney socks, kidney pins, kidney keychains and kidney stickers for your kidney cutie. Dialysis and donor darlings will love these funny kidney gifts. Can't give a real kidney? Give this fake kidney plush. Super cute for kidney doctors, transplant nurses and the kidney-lover inside us all. We love kidneys and can't get enough of these remarkable renals. Care to know more about these adorable bean buddies? Did you know Egyptians were first to document the existence of kidneys, way back in 1500 BC? It's true! More amazing kidney facts for you: Some people are born with extra kidneys. These are called supernumerary kidneys. When you get a kidney transplant, they don’t remove your old kidney, they just add in a new one. So most kidney transplant recipients end up with three kidneys! What do kidneys do? Kidneys have seven jobs, which you can remember with the acronym A WET BED: Acid-Base balance, Water balance, Electrolyte balance, taking Toxins away, Blood pressure control, making hormone Erythropoietin, activating vitamin D. Kidneys filter 45 gallons of blood every day. How do kidneys work? The kidneys -- most folks have two -- process your blood, picking out the extra waste and returning nice clean blood to your body. Extra water and waste pulled from the blood become pee. Our kidney pillow comes with a fun-filled, gut-busting hangtag with facts on kidney function. This spectacular booklet is filled with drawings of kidneys on ice, kidneys having tea, plus info about the magic your kidneys make every day. Kidneys are all about balance! Traditional Chinese Medicine, aka acupuncture, describes kidneys as the masters of yin and yang, keeping the opposing life forces of yin and yang even. Kidneys play important roles in homeostasis – the balance of fluids, waste and blood pressure. Can you legally buy kidneys? Iran is the only country where you can legally sell your kidney. They go for about $4,600 bucks. How much do we pee in a day? Most humans produce enough urine to fill up a soda can. You're welcome for that visual. This happy kidney pillow is actually useful -- it makes a great post-op incision pillow for your kidney scar to rest on. Don’t forget that nephrologists need presents, too! Give your kidney doctor a gift they’ll never forget. Make dialysis less dull with an emotional support kidney. Snuggle a kidney pillow during recovery! Perfect post-op present.

Our Amazing Customers


The spine plush actually cracks! I love the vibrancy of the plushies and their smile is too cute. Will definitely be back!

Mena P.

Bought my stomach plush for my son who is having a total gastrectomy. It's a cute way to make a hard time a little easier.

Cheryl B.

A super cute knee joint for my granddaughter who tore her ACL and was so upset to not be able to finish her basketball season. This brought a huge smile to her face.

Marian P.

This testicle plush is firm enough to squeeze and slowly release which is good for stress. I like that when I feel like a coward, he can be my balls when I have none.

April J.

My friend has pancreatic cancer. She saw the pancreas in the gift store while getting treatment and told me she wanted it. She's been cuddling with it, named it, and said it reminded her to appreciate the good parts of her pancreas.

Kelly M.

The penis neck pillow is comfy and sturdy, definitely the best one I have ever used! Extra points for the pocket in the foreskin.

Stephanie B.

Got this as a gift for my daughter with type 1 diabetes. The colour is great and the face is super cute! Its soft and great quality. She LOVES it!

Megan L.

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