Kidney Plush - When Urine Love! - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow - BACK NOV 2021


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SOLD OUT! Back Nov 2021. Try kidney slippers instead! Gigantic and amazingly soft 9" x 8" x 3" kidney plush comes with a spectacular 8-page hangtag filled with drawings of romantic renals on ice, kidneys having tea, plus info about the magic your kidneys make every day. The kidneys most folks have two  process your blood, picking out the extra waste and returning nice clean blood to your body. Extra water and waste pulled from the blood become pee! Designed in California, made in China. Safe for ages 3 and up.

Amazing kidney donor gift! Perfect post-op pillow for a kidney transplant recipient, great present for your fave dialysis patient. Give your nephrologist a present they'll never forget. Our kidney support pillow softens a hospital stay, or sends a smile when urine tough times. Laughter is the best medicine, but beware -- don’t let ‘em bust their stitches laughing. This kidney is actually useful -- it makes a great post-op incision pillow for your kidney scar to rest on. Wish we could wave a wand and make it a real renal. But if you can’t give your real kidney, at least you can give this fake one. And it’s definitely cheaper than black market organs. Don’t forget that nephrologists need presents, too! Give your doctor a gift they’ll never forget. Cutest stuffed kidney pillow ever! Top-rated best-selling kidney pillow on Amazon. 

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Rose
Just perfect!

I wanted to buy a kidney plush to give to my 14 year old son who I donated a kidney to October 1st. I had reached out to the company because they were out of stock at the time. They emailed me last month to tell me they had ONE that they could send me, that's amazing customer service!

It was delivered quickly and both my son and I love the kidney! I embroidered the name I gave my kidney onto it (Larry) and it's been with my son in the hospital since I haven't been discharged yet. Very happy with my purchase!


I bought the kidney for a family friend who sadly had to get theirs removed due to a cancerous mass found on it. Their face lit up and they laughed so hard when I gave them the plush kidney and they went around showing all of the nurses and doctors and even other patients, and no he's not a kid, he's an adult, and it still made him so happy.

Best gift I have ever given! I would buy again and again.

My dear friends 7yr old son has bilateral (meaning both kidneys are affected) stage 3 kidney disease. He is such a trooper but he is also a very scared little 7yr old. On his last visit to his regular urologist he discovered that his bladder is starting to harden. He told me he hates kidney disease. Why does he have to have it? It just broke my heart. I found these plush organs and had heard of them and thought this is something really special. Theo received his after I purchased it through uncommon goods and he hasn't put it down since! He takes it everywhere! He has dubbed it his kidney buddy and took it to its first dr. Appt with him for the hardening of the bladder. He introduced his buddy to his doctor and nurses and smiled as he told everyone all about his side kick. I must say that this plush organ has stirred a security within him that he didn't seem to have before. It brings him so much comfort and somehow for him he and kidney buddy have this bond between them. What an amazing gift the creators of these have given to our children who suffer from issues with their organs and what an amazing opportunity uncommon goods has given us by allowing us the opportunity to see and buy these for them! Thank you so much for once again supplying yet another uncommon but awesome goods!

So cute and cuddly!

Bought the kidney as a cure gag gift for my sister-in-law with frequent kidney problems, but they're so funny, I'd be happy to keep them for myself. My 4-year-old son kept trying to steal it before I got it wrapped.

It's so adorable~

This is so fricking amazing, I'm going to actually die.