Ova Achiever - Ovary Magnet - I Heart Guts
Ova Achiever - Ovary Magnet - I Heart Guts
Ova Achiever - Ovary Magnet - I Heart Guts
Ova Achiever - Ovary Magnet - I Heart Guts

Ova Achiever - Ovary Magnet

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Ovary magnets for the ova achiever in your life! Great gift for your favorite OB/GYN, gyno, IVF or TTC pal. Cute and funny "Ova Achiever" magnets spark joy for a midwife, doula, labor & delivery or post-partum nurse. Ova and out, we'll see you ovu-later! Super strong 2.25" magnet. Made in the USA. 

Give the gift of ovarian hope and success -- fun ovary gonad magnets for ovarian cancer patients, IVF champs, TTC journey-goers or OB/GYN in your life. Stick this ovary magnet to your fridge and let your awesome ovaries remind you to get more eggs. Put it on the egg bank lab fridge for the fall egg harvest!

What are ovaries and what do they do? The ovaries produce eggs and release sex hormones! Estrogen and progesterone control all kinds of reproductive mayhem from period regulation to babymaking. Did you know the egg that would one day be you was inside your mom's ovary when she was born? Pretty crazy, huh?

What is ovulation? The two ovaries take turns releasing eggs down the fallopian tubes for possible fertilization in the uterus. Ovulation begins in your head! Hormones are released from glands within the brain. These travel through the bloodstream to the ovary. As they grow, several egg follicles produce estrogen. This causes the uterine lining to thicken with more blood vessels in preparation for the egg’s release from the ovary.

It's ovulation time! Estrogen levels fall and LH surges, causing the ovary to release the egg into the fallopian tube. The egg lives for 12-24 hours. Learn all about ovulation on our blog!

More awesome ovary gifts at our print-on-demand site.

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Wipe clean with gentle cloth. Disinfect with alcohol.


"Cute magnet great gift for an obgyn"
- Bugaboo

Customer Reviews

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Beth K.
Ova the moon!

We are ova the moon with our magnets. My daughter gifted one to her best friend, and I have mine in my office. I teach anatomy and physiology so it does not fail to draw student attention.

Lobe it! We're grateful for you sharing the smarts and laughs with your students!


Bought as a hysterectomy gift for my sister, she loved it!

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