Funny Graduation Gifts | Weird Grad Gift Ideas - Funny Father’s Day Gifts

Celebrate the brains and/or balls of your fave grad and/or dad! Get all your graduation gifts and father's day gifts in one weird place -- right here! Brain plush or brain socks for your neuroscience graduate, testicle plush for pops -- all perfect for your grad or weird dad.
Looking for unusual father's day gifts? Look no further than our plush testicles, penis plush or -- are you ready for the weirdest one? -- prostate stuffed animal. All these body parts worked together to make semen, and the sperm that eventually became half of you. Cool, huh? Thank dad for his gonads with some inappropriate father's day gifts. If your pops isn't into stuffed animals, send him a pocket penis keychain, testicle keychain, prostate keychain or other urology-flavored item. Take your gonads on the go! Gag Gifts for Dad. Does your dad love dad jokes? We have great dad joke gifts for father's day, including sparkly penis lapel pins (keep it classy, pops), prostate pins and testicle buttons. These funny Father's Day Gifts will deliver the ultimate punchline to whatever dad jokes he's got in store for you. Need gifts for weird dads? Of course you do! Give your dad the gift of brains or balls from our selection of organ merch. Show dad you learned biology and understand that you indeed sprang from his loins. That's not wrong, is it? You can't go wrong with funny Gifts for Dad. Laughter is the best gift, and your dad has surely give you a chuckle. Weird father's day gifts for the win! Our testicle plush toys got their moment in the sun in Huffpost's Weird Father's Day Gift Guide: "Giving Dad a plush toy seems ballsy, but he’ll go nuts when he realizes you’re giving him testicles. Even better: These testes don’t hurt when you punch them." As they said, "Why buy a boring tie when you can give him testicle plush toys?" We agree!

Our Amazing Customers


The spine plush actually cracks! I love the vibrancy of the plushies and their smile is too cute. Will definitely be back!

Mena P.

Bought my stomach plush for my son who is having a total gastrectomy. It's a cute way to make a hard time a little easier.

Cheryl B.

A super cute knee joint for my granddaughter who tore her ACL and was so upset to not be able to finish her basketball season. This brought a huge smile to her face.

Marian P.

This testicle plush is firm enough to squeeze and slowly release which is good for stress. I like that when I feel like a coward, he can be my balls when I have none.

April J.

My friend has pancreatic cancer. She saw the pancreas in the gift store while getting treatment and told me she wanted it. She's been cuddling with it, named it, and said it reminded her to appreciate the good parts of her pancreas.

Kelly M.

The penis neck pillow is comfy and sturdy, definitely the best one I have ever used! Extra points for the pocket in the foreskin.

Stephanie B.

Got this as a gift for my daughter with type 1 diabetes. The colour is great and the face is super cute! Its soft and great quality. She LOVES it!

Megan L.

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