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This Skene's gland lapel pin shines a light on this underappreciated vaginal gland! Looks great on any doctor or lab coat. This marvelous little 1.25" printed aluminum pin comes packed on a card, designed in the USA and made in China.

Skene's glands are vulva's little helpers! Also known as the periurethral or vestibular glands, these pals are located outside the vaginal wall towards the lower end of the urethra. Skene’s glands provide fluids useful for cleanliness and lubrication in the urethra and vagina. Thanks, Skene's!

Some studies reported a milky fluid released by the Skene's gland during orgasm had the same proteins as the fluid released by the prostate. Skene's sometimes produce this fluid during so-called "female ejaculation," and the shape is similar to seminal vesicles seen atop the prostate. Interesting, huh?

Skene's Glands are named after Dr. Alexander Skene, a 19th century gynecologist. The gland was renamed the female prostate in 2002, because the Skene's and prostate originate from the same set of cells. Learn about other female body parts named after men here.

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Wipe clean with gentle cloth. Disinfect with alcohol.


"Will be back for more. Great product, price and value."
- John Jr.

Customer Reviews

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Way to represent!

Absolutely adorable. Gave one to my partner as a little merit badge. ;)

Ahhh too cute! And congrats to both you and partner for unlocking the power of the small but mighty Skene's glands!

Olivia Q.
Perfect pin

I’m a strong feminist and a proud full spectrum reproductive specialist (fancy words to explain “doula for all of a female’s reproductive needs”), so having this pin was a perfect way to demonstrate this. It’s even funnier when no one knows what it is and you explain it (:
It’s the perfect addition to my punk vest :P
Definitely recommend.

We've gotta see photos of this punk vest! Sounds absolutely epic. Thanks for sharing your love with us, Olivia. We're blushing!

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