Which Body Parts Can I Sell For Money?

Which Body Parts Can I Sell For Money? - Blood Plushie - Ovary Plushie - I Heart Guts


Looking to rack in some extra dough? Thinking about starting a side hustle as your 2023 resolution? Here’s a list of body parts you can legally sell for cash!


You can be the world’s greatest BFF like Francia Raisa and donate a kidney to save Selena Gomez’s life, but you can’t legally sell your kidney. Not unless you hop on a flight to Iran, where urine luck because a kidney can fetch up to $10,000.

Numb the sadness by hugging one of our cute and cuddly Kidney Plushies to comfort yourself, and read on.

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Remember all those expensive trips to the hair salon and fancy products to keep your mane healthy and glossy? Well, it’s time to make your luscious locks to make you money for a change.

Human hair makes for the best hair wigs and extensions used by people facing hair loss from cancer, alopecia, or other medically related or genetic hair loss. Unique hair color or longer hair tends to fetch a higher price. Redheads, get ready to rack it up!

Chop off those tresses and learn more about your hair follicles while you’re at it! Our super soft Skin Plushie is a fluffy friend with many dermal layers and a single hair.

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Donating breast milk can be a boobtastic way to help families and babies in need who might not have access to breast milk.

Early breast milk, or colostrum, is called liquid gold because of its essential role in building baby's immune system. Some moms have milk to spare, and some have little or none.

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You can pump your breast milk and ship it on ice to people who need it. Payouts range from $1.50-$3.00 per ounce, and babies need 20-30 ounces of breast milk daily. That’s anywhere from $30-$75 smackeroonies a day! Grab a Gland of Milk + Honey Breast Plushie with all that extra money, and give it a squeeze when you’re pumping!


Got spare swimmers? Don’t let them go to waste. Sperm banks accept donations from healthy males ages 18 and older, but not everyone qualifies to donate. Sperm banks are notoriously picky with various eligibility criteria from donors like good health, good genetics and even good college degrees.

If you qualify, each deposit could earn upwards of $200. Pick up a Sparkly Sperm Lapel Pin as a reminder to have a ball while trading your good ol’ gonads for green!

Sparkly Sperm Lapel Pin - Sperm Pin - Organ Anatomy Pin - Sperm Donor Gift - I Heart Guts



Move over gender pay disparity because this is one area where women do get paid better. Donating an egg can fetch you from $5,000 to $10,000 per cycle, and the gift of egg donation can be priceless for a family.

Egg retrieval is a months-long process, comes with a long list of prereqs, and involves taking injections with hormonal medications before retrieval, which requires a quick surgical procedure. If you’re ready to embark on the journey, grab a soft squishy Ovary Plush Pillow to squeeze and thank for your money-making fallopian tubes.

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Despite our love-hate relationship with the uterus, this organ is all the rage in the medical community when it’s not raging in our bodies.

Renting out your uterus, AKA surrogacy is a tremendous gift for those who need help expanding their family. We get into the nitty-gritty of the price tag on a uterus on our blog, How Much Is Your Uterus Worth?

Selling your uterus can earn you a lifetime of gratitude, anywhere between $40,000-$50,000 plus benefits and reimbursements for clothing, travel, and healthcare expenses.

You deserve some pampering for being so selfless, so slip on your Ova Achiever Uterus and Ovary Socks and moonwalk to the bank.

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Blood plasma is the liquid part that makes up more than half of your blood and is essential for your body to fight infections, recover from injury, and remove waste. It’s also needed to treat hemophilia and other autoimmune diseases.

There’s always a need for blood donors! Blood donation saves lives. Blood cells, platelets, and plasma all serve a unique purpose and can help different patients in need. Donating blood is a short and sweet procedure. We talk more about the importance of donating blood and what to expect in this blog.

If you want to level up with a plasma donation, you can even earn some extra money, but donating out of the kindness of your heart feels even better! You aorta check out our blood lapel pins to proudly display your contribution to the blood bank. 

Blood Lapel Pin - All You Bleed Is Blood - Organ Anatomy Pin - Blood Donor Gifts - Funny Doctor Gift - I Heart Guts



The National Organ Transplant Act made it illegal to buy or sell human organs or tissue in the U.S., but you might be able to sell your bone marrow for $3,000.The body replaces bone marrow stem cells about 4-6 weeks after being harvested. 

Bone marrow is majorly sought after, and you could earn major racks by selling it, but the process is painful, and there’s about a 1-in-540 chance you'll get the opportunity to donate.

If you’ve selflessly donated an organ or sold your body to make a quick buck, you’ve probably helped someone in need. Congrats on having a heart of gold!

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