What Hurts More Than Childbirth?

What Hurts More Than Childbirth?

We all know childbirth HURTS, but certain pain can be worse! These not-so-uncommon conditions can feel at least as bad as pushing a baby out a hoo-ha. BTW you deserve props if you’re post-delivery, along with a Vagina Pouch to store your pain meds or honor your pre-baby vajayjay, and it’ll double as a cuddle buddy. Bonus points!

Some Fractures Can Break You

Sticks and stones can break your bones, but MAN, do some feel worse than birth! Femur and rib fractures, in particular, can be painful AF, not to mention a broken pelvis. If you are biting a towel through one of those, a Pelvis Lapel Pin will help you show off your strength and kick the pain right in the coccyx. 

Migraines Are a Pain In the Brain

Cluster headaches and migraines cause symptoms such as light sensitivity, visual disturbances, and straight-up nauseating pain. If a pain in the brain puts you in the fetal position without the reward of an actual fetus, reward yourself with a Super Brain Magnet, ‘cause you have a super pain tolerance!

Kidney Stones Are Stone Cold

Instead of pushing a cute little creature through your birth canal, have you tried getting a jagged stone through your urinary tract and out your urethra? While the struggle is certainly renal during both, women who’ve given birth claim the latter can be worse. If urine this club, here’s a Sad Kidney T-Shirt!

Gallstones Are High On the Pain Scale

Did you know that gallbladders can get stoned? Hardened deposits of digestive fluid can develop over time, causing painful “attacks” that often warrant the removal of the whole organ. Childbirth is hard to digest, but these can take even more gall! A Gallbladder Plush will help you push through it.

Tooth Pain Can Be Soul-Crushing

Ever had an emergency dental procedure bite into your day? Serious dental problems, such as abscesses, decay, and displacement, can cause unbearable pain and necessitate a root canal or surgery. So that you never forget to floss again, put some Tooth & Floss Socks on your feet!

Who Knew Healing Could Hurt So Much?

While a torn perineum isn’t fun, recovering from an invasive surgery can be full-on excruciating. Open heart surgery, for instance, requires the sternum to be removed. It takes a lot of heart to get through that healing process! If you’ve stuck it out, you should have some Heart Stickers.  

Endometriosis: This Anecdote Will Make You Ache

After undergoing a laparoscopy to confirm my diagnosis, my doctor laid out my options to get ova the pain. The first? Have a baby! I told him THAT pain would knock me out, but he laughed and said “It’ll be nothing compared to what you’ve been experiencing!” Instead, I just rock a Kung Fu Uterus Patch

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