What are Plush Organs?

plushie organs in the news as seen in forbes NPRPlushie organs -- it's a thing. It's kinda our thing. It takes a lot of guts to share what you've got going on inside but I Heart Guts organ plushie pals give tough topics from sickness to surgery a soft touch. Sometimes you don't know about plush organs until you need one, that is, until you or someone you love is headed to the emergency room with appendicitis or -- surprise! -- gallbladder attack.

stuffed animal get well bear for hospital surgery cute funny

That's usually when we meet you -- and you're usually in distress! If we haven't met before -- hi! -- I'm Wendy Bryan Lazar, an illustrator and designer with an unhealthy obsession with the human body and the founder of I Heart Guts, the Original Plush Organs. I love all things cute and weird! organ plushie designer founder original human body plush pillows

I created these silly plush body parts to keep things light during heavy-hearted health moments, and help you smile in the face of illness and disease. I love my organ babies and our amazing family of gutsy customers, you truly are the heart, backbone and purpose of every plush body part we make! We are a creative woman-owned and operated small business— salty and scrappy since 2005.

original plush organs press mentions

These cute organ characters are my body of work and I love my gut babies! Over the years, it's really been you -- our loyal gutsy community -- who have suggested different ideas for organ characters and we love serving up obscure body parts just for you specialists out there! Thank you for sharing your stories with us and telling us what body parts you'd like to see next! 

funny appendix surgery gifts

It’s fun and hilarious to give (or get) a giant plush organ to replace a misbehaving body part. But beyond being a funny-ass gag gift, these giant organ plushies offer more than just belly laughs -- they give you something comforting to clutch at the doctor’s office or soothe pre-surgery jitters.

kidney surgery get well gift, cute living donor gift

Our organ plushies are by your side during long and difficult health journeys, and help visualize your body parts back to better health. Health scare? Don’t care, I've got a cute giant gallbladder plushie to keep me company!

gallbladder funny gifts, gallbladder surgery cute gifts, funny gallstone removal ge well soon gift

Way better than a get-well card, these medical plush toys are also the perfect pals for pediatricians psychologists and surgeons to prop in their offices or waiting rooms to help ease the tension for patients of all ages. In your home each personality-packed toy can also give even the littlest pre-pre-med student a jump-start. No matter how you use them these squishy anatomical specimens will leave you in stitches.

educational anatomy toys, brainy human body plushies

Perhaps you've seen our happy organ plushies before? Our plushie organs have been featured in People magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, Fast Company, CNN, Buzzfeed, ABC, Wired, Forbes, Parents, Glamour, Time Out New York, Times of London, Mirror UK, Ad Week, Print Mag, Bust, Jezebel, LA Mag, LA Times, Discover, EllenTube, Grey's Anatomy and Children's Hospital.

kidney donor heartwarming story teacher donates organs to student

We also have popular organ plushies on Amazon, with hundreds of five-star reviews. We have placed over half a million plushie organs into loving forever homes since we got started making plush human organ toys in 2007.

diabetic gifts, funny t1d gifts, plushie diabetes

Let's face it: get well bears suck. Giving human body organ plushies offers a weirdly specific way for your loved one to feel seen while the suffer from disease (happy diaversary gifts shown to the T1D fam above!), illness or surgery complications. Maybe you didn't know you could get a kidney organ plushie, or a nerdy uterus plushie, but we have got your back with the cutest educational plush toys.

spine plushie, spinal surgery plushie toy, scoliosis funny gifts

It's super scary to have your kid in the hospital or surgery. Having a comfort item in the hospital can help soothe patients, and stuffed animals can help with anxiety. There is a body of evidence that taking a plush toy into surgery can help with surgery stress -- our organ pun plushies bring a smile to your kid and care team alike. These cuties double as helpful surgery cough pillows and are just the right size for kidney incision pillows. Surgery stuffed animals in the form of human body organs make the best get well gifts for your little health warrior.

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