They're Back!

Organ PlushWe have been out of so many many many organs for so long, we almost didn't realize how much we missed our fun and fuzzy colon plushie! As many of our colon-resectioned and colon-missing customers can tell you, you really don't appreciate your colon until it's gone! Our cute colon plush truly never smelled so sweet. We had to give her extra hard cuddles after her big ocean voyage. She was greeted to our shores with tropical leis, a bouquet and her own toilet. So

Knee Plush

Oh knee plush, how we have missed thee! Finally finally this special articulate fellow is back and ready to ship to your loving arms -- er, legs? If you've gotta replace your knees, at least swap it out with this smiling joint. Grab one quick, tho, these sold out super fast last time!

Pancreas Plush

Got a candy hangover from Halloween? No problem, let sweets experts Pancreas and Stomach help you out. They can tackle even the waxiest most indigestible candy out there (ahem, I'm talking to you, candy corn). Our plush pancreas and stomach plush are also available to assist you during Thanksgiving-related food comas or other digestive issues.

Kidney Plush

Our kidney plush has been out of stock since MARCH! We are so happy to see this popular plush organ back with us again! We know you have missed this beloved organ too. Grab your own dialysis buddy today!

Reproductive Organ Plush

We are welcome the return of Vagina+Vulva plush and Testicle plushie! We have missed these below-the-belt buddies who say they are "just friends." Whether you want to celebrate your vadge or that vasectomy, these genial genitals are super fun to have around. Great conversation pieces to have around the house: "Honey, can you pass me the vagina?" Great gift after an episiotomy or just to make your epididymis feel special. Our Repro Depot is fully restocked for all your awkward sex ed talks!

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