Feed your curiosity and hear inspiring researchers share their fascinating work! Basically a science playground for adults, the Taste of Science Festival offers the public a chance to ask researchers questions and hear them share their work outside of the lab.

The non-profit organization says "taste of science is an attempt to address the widening gulf between what scientists do and what public perception is. Misinformation from memes and stories from unknown news sources have contributed to this. Scientists too have been guilty of failing to communicate their work in a way that is easy to understand, if they’ve tried to communicate at all. We think our events are a valuable way of informing the non-scientific audience of the important work taking place in their local communities by their friendly neighborhood scientists. It is also a way for scientists to connect with the people benefiting from their research; to remind them what the big picture is."

The festival takes place April 22-28, 2018 in many major US cities. Visit their website to find an event near you and learn more about the festival.