Plush Organs - I Heart Guts - Cute Funny Anatomy ToysDo you go together like Brain and Pituitary? Or is it a Placenta and Uterus kind of relationship? Find the Colon to your Rectum over at, we've got the perfect pair of plush organs for your Weird Valentine! Not everyone likes dewy roses and stuffed bears. Here's an actual gift note written by one of our actual customers: "Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a healthy smiling Bladder!" Why say "I love you" with chocolate and diamonds when you could say it with a kidney and bladder? Pssst... Just a heads-up: Feb. 4th is the last day for cheap 1st class shipping with Val's Day delivery!
Likely, you already know which booths you want to visit at Comic Con 2011, but just in case, here's a short list that'll get you around to see some of our favorite people, characters and things, and of course you'll discover more along the way. Here's our Best of Comic Con 2011 cheat sheet, biased heavily toward stuff we love, i.e. cute stuff, nerdy science stuff, art stuff, fashion stuff and bizarre stuff: Bored Inc 609 Chronicle Books 1506 Conduct Happiness, Inc. 4832 Blick Art Materials 5106 DKE Toys 4728 DK Publishing 2913-G Emily the Strange 4637 Frank Kozik 4734 Gama Go 4738 Giant Microbes 735 Giant Robot 1729 Hi-Fructose Magazine 4939 Kidrobot 4529 Kinokuniya Bookstore 5549 Lego Systems Inc 2829 Mr Toast 4831 Munky King 4539 Poketo 4634 Spicy Brown 4845 Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi 4736 Tokidoki 4731 Toy Tokyo 5437 Uglydoll 3245 Upper Playground 4633 Wacom Technology 5238 ...and of course stop by I Heart Guts at booth #932!
Believe it or not, the guts have a tough time getting into hospital gift shops. Maybe 90% of the time we approach a store and show 'em the guts, the buyer offers us little more than an expression of total disgust and annoyance. One buyer at the Cedars Sinai hospital gift shop in Los Angeles asked me, "Why would someone who had a kidney transplant wanna wear a kidney?" I replied, "Um, uh, er...Because they have a weird sense of humor?" So we are especially grateful to UCSF hospital gift shop for going out on a limb and taking I Heart Guts into their store. Thanks, guys, for not being afraid of being freaky! Hopefully the gutsy goods will go home into the hands of some wonderful San Franciscans -- and perhaps a nurse or doctor or two -- after all, 75% of hospital gift shop sales are to people who work in the hospital (okay, okay, maybe they're just grabbing a candy bar, but it's true).