“Diuretic” is just fancy talk for “Gotta pee!” ☕️☕️☕️💦💦💦 

Medically speaking, diuresis is a condition in which the kidneys filter excessive amounts of bodily fluids and increase the production of urine. A diuretic is a substance, like coffee or water pills, which stimulates this urine-producing function.

A medical condition called polyuria is the excessive and frequent passage of urine. It can be an indicator of diabetes mellitus, and occurs in other conditions such as: polycystic kidney disease, sickle cell disease, pyelonephritis (kidney infection), amyloidosis (deposits of a substance called amyloid in the kidneys), Sjogren Syndrome, and myeloma. Quite a bladderfull!

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Getting men to pay attention to their own health isn't easy. When given the chance to read Maxim or schedule a prostate gland exam with the doc (yup, it's the one with the finger up the butt), I think we all know which is more appealing to the dudes. A few different organizations are wisely using things that men love -- drinking beer and growing mustaches, namely -- to get them thinking about screening this very important male gland. Pints for Prostates uses the glory of hops to get men to think about getting screened. Some recent studies that swigging beer is actually good for your prostate will prolly help their cause as well! Movember Australia also focuses on prostate health, and raises awareness by getting the gents to grow a moustache in November (Australia's men's health month, American prostate health month is in September). So even though it's months away, our prostate stopped shaving and donned a nice 'stache in honor of this awesome organization.
prostateOn a recent Google tangent, I came across one of the odder glandular pastimes -- a little something called prostate milking. What began as a medical method of expunging excess fluid and seminal from inflamed prostates has become a newfound way for gentlemen to, um, well, you know, feel good. Really good, apparently. Some say it's dangerous if not done correctly, and, as you might imagine for something that's equivalent to your doctor getting you off, alternative treatments, such as laser therapy, may come to replace the practice entirely -- in a medical setting at least.
UroClub+01Why bother letting someone pee in the woods when you could make a product for it instead? Enter the Uro-Club, a portable urinal disguised as a golf club that was developed by a urologist who, we guess, likes to play golf and pee privately. We saw this unusual item on the Shark Tank season finale, where the guy was looking for some capital to get the pee iron off the ground, so to speak. Golf courses are not short on shrubs or trees -- why is this thing necessary? Ask yourself, as a man, what's more awkward -- sneaking off to a nearby shrub, or whipping out a plastic tube and putting your junk in it in front of all your buddies? Just tell 'em: "No, no, I'm just golfing under this towel." But peeing on the green doesn't get publicity, or make a great golfer gag gift, so maybe this will help this Florida urologist retire early. When the portable toilet disguised as a golf bag is coming out, my friend Simon wants to know? That's gotta be next.