The epic journey from mouth to rectum. Happy Digestive Diseases Awareness Month!

PIN-ESOPHAGUS-PKG_LSword swallowing is not a mere illusion, but an impressive feat of mind over throat. How else can you get a real sword down your gullet without gagging? Turns out, like most things worth doing, it takes tim and practice to swallow a sword. The sword actually straightens the usually-wavy esophagus, pushing past super-vital organs such as the lungs and heart, all the way down to the sphincter leading into the stomachs and sometimes even going into the stomach itself! The trachea isn't any good for swallowing swords, mostly because it's not as flexible as the esophagus. Believe us, you don't want a hole in your windpipe -- just ask this guy.
Picture 10Considering the fact that I look at internal organs all day long for a living, my score on the name all the internal organs in four minutes quiz is shamefully bad. I only got 15 out of 24 total organs, isn't that pathetic? Granted, it was mainly because I didn't really read the directions and forgot to pluralize things like parathyroids and ovaries (and jeez, who knew the esophagus would be included, but skin wouldn't? And they rejected spelling gallbladder as one word. I say, look it up in the dictionary, bitches). Anyway, learn from my mistakes, pluralize,  and take the quiz. The clock does start ticking right away, so be ready to go when you click on the link and don't dawdle like I did.