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Picture 10Considering the fact that I look at internal organs all day long for a living, my score on the name all the internal organs in four minutes quiz is shamefully bad. I only got 15 out of 24 total organs, isn't that pathetic? Granted, it was mainly because I didn't really read the directions and forgot to pluralize things like parathyroids and ovaries (and jeez, who knew the esophagus would be included, but skin wouldn't? And they rejected spelling gallbladder as one word. I say, look it up in the dictionary, bitches). Anyway, learn from my mistakes, pluralize,  and take the quiz. The clock does start ticking right away, so be ready to go when you click on the link and don't dawdle like I did.

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  • Linda

    I’m not a fan of that quiz. Why would you have “adrenals” but not trachea, small intestine, large intestine, larynx, etc.????

  • Kimberly

    I did 22!!!! SHOCKING!!! I haven’t even begun my RN classes yet, BUT I study constantly, to get a heads up, and out of sheer interest…. But I agree that SKIN should be included and was surprised that my spelling of GALLBLADDER wasn’t accepted?!?!?

    I named 21 organs in 4 minutes!

  • BikerPuppy

    I’m with you, Linda!

  • Piggles
    I named 18 organs in 4 minutes!

  • gutsy

    strange, isn’t it? i’m a big fan of glands and all, but are they really considered organs?

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