Punny Anatomical T-Shirts for Colorectal Adventures

Color Your Colorectal Journey With Pooping Rainbows Tee

Make a vibrant statement and spread awareness with our hilarious pooping rainbows t-shirt, a fun colon-related gift perfect for anyone dealing with IBS, IBD, or colorectal cancer. Tired of the same ol’ poops? Give the gift of pooping rainbows! This colon gift will surely bring a smile and maybe even a few toots to any hernia, colonoscopy, colon surgery patient or GI doc. Three cheers for coloring your colorectal journey. 

Head Over Bowels for Useless Colon Club T-Shirt

Let your (possibly retired) colon take the spotlight with this quirky and fun colon tee that celebrates the bowels of your pals with IBS, IBD, Crohn's, colitis, or colon surgery. Your colon will be killing it with this funny and oh-so-cute t-shirt.

Celebrate Digestive Friendship With You Move Me Colon T-Shirt

Discover new depths of digestive friendship with this cute colon t-shirt and celebrate the lovable tube of excretory magic that transforms food into feces. Go beyond digestion and let this charismatic tee take your gastrointestinal experience to new heights.  

Make The Most Of Colostomy Life With Ostomy Bag Tee  

If life gives you an ostomy bag, you've got to have a sense of humor about it. After all, you're alive, right? This funny colostomy life tee is a silly gag gift for your IBS, IBD, Crohn's, colitis or colon disease warrior. Chronic illness isn't funny, but this design will make your ostomy or J-pouch pal laugh their ass off. Hopefully, not literally.  

Let Your Inner Turd Twinkle With Types of Feces T-Shirt

Do you find feces fascinating? So do we! We made a Bristol poop chart into an absurd poop shirt gag gift to celebrate the many forms of feces, from solid to liquid, crunchy to smooth. We lay it all out for you like a nicely formed stool. Let your inner turd twinkle with glee while wearing this tee!

Celebrate The Chronic Illness Life With Chronically Awesome Tee  

Made just for those living with chronic colon diseases, this chronically awesome colon t-shirt will make you the envy of your colorectal squad. Show off your brave spirit with this adorbs innard design featuring a smiling happy colon pal! Conquer your diagnosis with bit of colon cancer warrior humor and make everyone smile. You deserve to feel chronically awesome.

Laugh Your Butt Off With Butt Stuff T-Shirt

Get cheeky with a colorectal t-shirt with all the right butt stuff on it. Say yes to team butt, featuring your favorite butt-stuff characters like gluteus maximus, rectum and anus! Our quirky colon, rectum and butthole tee makes it easy to bring a smile to the face of your IBS, IBD, Crohn's or colitis warrior, or your favorite GI doc who could use a little booty humor. We guarantee your colonoscopy or surgery won't be so bad when you add a funny butt gift to your colon care package. 

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