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Cute Medical Student Pins and Funny GiftsLooking for cute medical student gifts? Look no further than our funny anatomical pins, perfect for a white coat ceremony, med student lanyard, graduation gift, medical school graduation gift or residency celebration gift!

Cute hematology pin phlebotomy badge reel pins blood tech bank draw gift

Our cute anatomical pins look great on a badge reel or hospital ID. Announce that GI rotation with a colon or rectum pin. These two gastrointestinal cuties go together like chocolate and peanut butter! Make a white coat ceremony or match day fun with matching pins. Show your favorite body part! OBGYN cute pins womens health clinic gynecology ivf egg donor cryo

Level up your bedside manner! These cute gynecology pins make a great ice-breaker for your patients before you break out the speculum. Show 'em you've got a nice smile and so does your ovary. It's a tiny but easy way to say, "Hey, I'm the fun resident," and open up conversation about what's going on with their own bodies.

Colorful cute medical pins funny surgery surgeon doctor nurse gifts med school graduation present humor

These pins help start patient conversations with humor, creativity and a dash of empathy. We have almost every gut or organ you need to get your patient talking about their spleen, butt, pancreas, boobs, tonsils, prostates, thyroids, pituitary glands, penises, knees, lymph nodes, vaginas, adrenals, cervixes.... should we go on? Breast exam humor funny cute boob pin for breast exam gynecology
When you're wearing a mask in a clinical setting, how can you show your personality? Easy! Just put a cute little pin on your coat and go about your business. Make awkward interactions a little warmer with a smiling cute breast pin or happy prostate pin to lighten the mood for these serious exams. 

Estrogen enamel pin - Menopause funny gift IVF OGBYN hormone therapy
Our pins are also easy to clean and keep sterile in a medical setting. Dip 'em in alcohol or wipe with sanitizer and you're good to slap these cuties on your surgical scrubs. Let our pins do the talking so you don't have to! Get your team in the mood with medical specialty pins

Cardiology cute funny gifts pins heart doctor cardiac surgeon nurse gifts

 We've got funny urology pins, cute OBGYN pins, endocrinology humor pins, orthopedic bone pins, hematology pins & gifts, and GI doc pins to celebrate every nook and cranny of the human body.

Cute Orthopedic pins funny knee hip joint bone lapel pins for doctors ortho surgeonsA word from a happy customer: “As Urology Technician, working in the clinic and the operating room, most of the stuff I deal with is considered relatively ‘embarrassing’…. Your kidney, bladder, testis and prostate pins really lighten the mood for everyone, patients and co-workers! My docs and nurses love trying to guess which pin I’ll wear!” That's from Allyse B.

reproduction lapel pins funny cute pin gift med student med school enamel pins

We have a fab selection of smiling body parts so you can make your hospital ID the cutest on the floor. Pulmonology and respiratory therapists have serious work, and their patients are understandably stressed. A nice smile and some cute pulmonology pins go a long way to set your patients at ease while you do the big-brains work of figuring out what is going on with their lungs.

respiratory therapist gift pulmonology resident funny cute gift pins

We have medical pins bulk for every organ, disease, residency and medical specialty! These cute medical pins don't cost much and are easy to share with fellow med students, colleagues and patients. Share your stories with us about how these pins help you on our socials, I Heart Guts on Instagram and GutsTok.

Colon pin Twitter cute funnyAnd when you graduate, take that happy organ with you where ever you go!

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