Our Penis Is Back!

Penis Neck Pillow With Foreskin Pocket

After a verrry long unwanted "vacation" our penis neck pillow is back in stock! Grab one for your future travels (since No Boi is going No Where Rite Now) or stuff someone's stocking with something truly special. 

Penis Neck Pillow - Weird Neck Pillow - Ultimate Gag Gift

Oh how we have missed our penis! It really has been such a long wait. Long story short, the pandemic threw our penis into limbo. First, we underestimated the thirst for a penis neck pillow. I ordered 1000 thinking that would surely be plenty of penis. Well, I was WRONG. Ya'll embraced our penis, snatched them up and we sold out!

Penis Face Mask - Funny Face Mask

Next up in our Penis Drama comes COVID-19! Our penises are made in China and just when we wanted to reorder, they were shutting down over there. Increased sanitation, safety and social distancing measures slowed down production schedules over there. Next up, we shut down over here in the United States, which meant stores that usually bought our stuff were not buying, and our warehouse was not emptying out to make room for more stuff. So we didn't have room for the penises at the warehouse, even if we could get them made.

Penis neck pillow - plush organs - best travel pillowFinally, our partners in China were back to work, and we were able to get more penises made. But we had to hold back on getting them shipped because again, still not enough room for piles of penises at the warehouse. And THEN, when we finally did seem to have enough room, guess what? We couldn't get a shipping container for our penises and then, even better, we couldn't get a spot on a ship headed to the US! Turns out that every container and ship space was being used up for the iPhone 12 and other more exiting, high-value holiday items than our penis. Oy vey! Can a gal get break?

Penis Neck Pillow - Cute Funny Travel Pillow

Anyway, that's my long boring penis story. Anyhoo, time to become a member of the club and get that penis neck pillow you've been wanting -- it's the ultimate gag gift!

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