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French Language Anatomy Poster

Bonjour, mon ami! Do you need an anatomy poster in French? C'est ici: affiche simple d'anatomie en français. DISCLAIMER: We should say here that this poster contains ALL body parts, including penises and vaginas, so if you do not want to discuss these body parts with your kids at this time ( or ever), it's all good, we are not judging. You can cut off the reproduction section down at the bottom to keep things PG.

French Language Anatomy Poster Kids Free Download

Also, if you're feeling multi-lingual, or ambitious, or have somehow managed to NOT go crazy homeschooling your kids during quarantine, we have this same human body poster in English and simplified Chinese anatomy poster. Enjoy!

Anatomy Poster Chinese Free Download

Check it out! Hope these resources can help you bone up on your anatomy or get your feet wet in physiology. Just this morning, I was talking to my kids about what the cervix does and it let to some verrry interesting discussions, let me tell you. ("Mommy, does poop come out of the cervix or just blood and babies?")

Simple Anatomy for Kids

We are still looking for help translating this into Spanish, Japanese and Korean! If you know someone who can help, we would love it! Contact us!

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