Medical Terms You're Probably Mispronouncing

PSA: You’re Probably Mispronouncing These Medical Terms

Medical terms are some of the most mispronounced words on the planet! Time to start saying them correctly so your doc thinks you’re smart. Favorite patient status, here you come!

Tinnitus, Listen Up

Pestered by ringing sounds? No need to annoy your ear, nose, and throat doctor, too, by saying ti-nite-us. Now hear this: TIN-it-us is music to your otolaryngologist’s ears!

Ophthalmologist Pronunciation? Make It Less Blurry 

Grab your glasses and look closely at this one. Can you spot an L? There’s also an H after P, creating an fff sound—as in “Phew! Glad I saw that.” You’ll have your off-thull-MAH-luh-just seeing stars when you pronounce this properly at your next visit.  

It’s Alzheimer’s, Not Old-Timers

We know it isn’t pronounced “old-timer’s disease,” but sometimes we space it. To prove your memory is still going strong, say ALTS-hy-murz and thank lobe for your memory.

Fix The Way You Say Fissure

Have you been saying fi-zhur? Go fish! You stink at pronouncing this one. FISH-ur is more like it. Don’t be the butt of the joke next time you head to the proctologist. Practice this one before you’re probed!

Kay, Here’s How You Say Kegel

Contrary to popular belief, Alka-Seltzer won’t make seagulls burst, nor does kegel rhyme with seagull. It’s pronounced KAY-gull. Say that next time you visit the urogynecologist, kay? 

GERD Only Knows How To Pronounce Acid Reflux 

Gerd only knows how tired your gastroenterologist is of this one! Resist your reflexes and say REE-flux the right way. The G in esophageal sounds like J, so get that one down the hatch.

It’s Not Too Late. Say Dilate The Right Way

Just like cervix, dilate has only two syllables. It’s DIE-late, not die-uh-late. Duh! Your OBGYN deserves a cervix plush for dealing with you. Don’t worry, they’ll think you’re a pap star if you pronounce it right! 

Oof, Oophorectomy Is Hard To Pronounce

Oh-uh-fuh-WRECK-tuh-mee. Have you been saying it wrong? Oof. There’s no “oof” in sight! You might lose an ovary or two, but you’ll still be an ova-achiever with the proper pronunciation. Going, going, gonads!

Get Your Prostate Lingo Straight 

Pronouncing PRAH-state to your urologist is seminal work. Say prostrate instead, and you’ll lie flat on your face. Stand erect, you pee hole-pleaser!

Now that you’re all caught up on the proper pronunciation of medical terms, it’s time to treat yo’self to some cute and cozy anatomical curio. Poke around our funny award-winning anatomy gifts!


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