🧨 Organ Independence Day! 🧨

independence day organs

Which of your body parts is most looking forward to Independence Day, ready to break free from the rest of your body? We've got plenty of organs you've had removed from your body, and they all want to leave work early!

appendix removed appendicitis removal surgery recovery

I don't know about you, but my Appendix is about ready to pop off like July 4th fireworks! this body baddie is definitely something you can live without, so don't be mad about your appendix breaking free.

spleen removed splenectomy surgery funny gift recovery monoThe spleen is also eager to defect from your body and start its very own country os Spleenlandia, where all Spleens are free to do as they please.

Or perhaps your Gallbladder wants to leave work early to enjoy the long holiday weekend? I mean, who doesn't? Gall is ready to Liver free or die -- see you later, haters!

uterus cycle cute funny uterus surgery gift

Most of all, the Uterus is looking forward to leaving your body forever! She's starting her own dang planet where she can enjoy her reproductive freedom and retire in peace in the Uterus States of America. 

thyroid surgery funny gift plushie cancer recovery

Thyroid's summer road trip is gonna be epic! Whatever organ of yours is declaring its independence, know what we've got all your removed  organs for you. Plushie organs are the perfect gift for all your gone guts and bring grins during post-op recovery. Great gifts for thyroid surgery, cute tonsillectomy gifts, funny spleen surgery plushies or the perfect uterus surgery gift. Happy 4th and enjoy your freedom, little guts!

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